Sunday, 22 January 2012

I've Got Wood!

Yes another innuendo rich title. This time it is totally true! I have got wood! I am excited about it too! Here is the picture to proove it!

Yes it's been a long time coming but I have finally compleated some woodland scenery for my Wood Elves. For the first 10 years of my gaming life woods consisted of one block of wood with a dozen dowels in it covered with ripped up lumps of upholstery foam painted green (thanks Brendan). The next ten consisted of the trees you see before you blur tacked to the game board. Now we have hardboard with shaper polystyrene and ebay bought trees all nicely flocked. If you look closely you will see on some the edges the flock just hasn't taken that well, so I will be PVAing the shit out of them this week.
On the painting table this week (and probably for the next 6-8 if I'm honest) is/are/am 3 jezzail teams, a ratling cannon, 10 Wood Elf scouts, three skaven slaves with farmyard implements and a giant rat on a raised base which I intend to make it look like a pile of crap (garbage to any U.S readers). That and of course an old Imperial Assasin, 5 law enforcers from Black Tree Design, my mutant collection and 5 old, old chaos hounds that will be used as Scavvy hounds.
Tune in next week to see whether any of these models get any further on in their quest for tabletop fame!

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