Saturday, 18 February 2012

Something for the weekend?

As I'm in a bit of a Warhammer mood I have to share these: Forge World - SKAVEN WOLF RATS . I like them a lot, well more than a lot. A bit pricey at £32, so I'll proxy them for now with some old goblin wolf riders that I will have to prise off their backs! the rules are pretty cool and at 16 points each with 2 wounds and a move of 8" they look like the sort of thing I won't be able to resist for long!
Nasty looking buggers!
If that isn't bad enough the Brood Horror is even more erotic! This thing is far too good a figure for me to cock up painting, especially with a £42 price tag. Still if I lay enough hints around fathers day I might get lucky. Here's hoping anyway.

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