Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I'm Not Dead!

Despite 8 months of nothing on the blog, and before either of my two followers (I had 3 but he/she dumped me) fill in a missing persons report, I have gotten out of my painting hiatus and started messing up my figures again.

I'm even too late to do an end-of-year review type thing to brag about how good I am at hobbying! Looking at a previous post I had the following in my figure cases awaiting pigmentation;

Telekinetic Wyrd
5 Attilan Roughriders
2 Orlock Juves
4 Mutants
Chaos beastmaster (converted)
Nurgle Sorceror
Eldar swooping Hawk Exarch
Genestealer Hybrid
Beastmaster Wyrd
2 Ice Warriors of Valhalla
Catachan Luitenant

The Skaven Screaming Bell
Ratling Machine Gun
3 Jezzails
Deathmaster Snikch
Skaven Assasin
5 Wood Elf Archers
Gotrek & Felix
Glam the Laughing Elf
Wood Elf Hero
4 Dwarf Ne'er Do Wells
Norse Warrior Woman 

Also in my previous years review, I had promised to finish these;

5 Marine Scouts
a 10 man Space Marine squad
Fabius Bile.

Of this long list of miniatures all I managed to complete was 5 Wood Elf scouts. Pathetic really.

I also didn't finish my four pieces of scenery, write any batreps or achieve ANY of the things I promised to do. So last year was a victory for apathy.

My inherent laziness 1 My Overoptimistic Ambition 0.

We'll  see who wins in 2013.

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