Sunday, 23 June 2013

2047 will be a big year for me!

Over the weekend I was up in my man cave doing some non productive housekeeping, ie looking at my unpainted stuff, imagining what it would be like to have it painted. Try as I might I simply cannot foresee when all my bits will be finished. This is mainly due to my lead avarice, a common complaint in the wargaming, some people have the ability (and restraint) to purchase a unit and paint it before shelling out for another. Others are less restrained and buy maybe 2-3 units take a while to paint them, but still manage to keep a handle on their hobby. There are though, some complete nutcases who craving for lead far outweighs their ability to paint them. Welcome to one such nutcases area!

Assembled Ready For Painting Area

The next four pictures below are a record of my rubbish ability to stay focused. We have on this table (I say table but what it really is, is two large pieces of chipboard lying over a spare double bed) various projects in various states of incompletion. There are approximately 60 Wood Elves, 80-100 Skaven, 100+ Lizardmen models, which are all part of army projects. Then there is some not so rational set of figures waiting a burst of enthusiasm - 5 Bloodletters, 4 Ogre Ironguts and 4 Leadbelchers (for my OK army), 4 Dragon Ogres, 5 Eldar Jetbikes, 10 Blood Angel Space Marines, 3 Catachan Mortar Teams, 6 Genestealers, a Brettonian Organ Gun, the list goes on and on................
My assembled so paint me area

30cm to the left

60cm later

My futility table

My, It Was All Worth It Area

Here is what makes it sort of worth while, my collection of painted figures, as previously reported my armies have a very haphazard painting schedule and because of this my armies are not the most potent forces that they could be, that said I have over 800 painted I think so I'm definitely moving in the right direction. I really must work out how many (in total) points worth of figures I have so I can go on forums and play the my armies bigger than yours game.
Humanity & Wood Elves


Imperial Guard & Other Sci Fi Dudes

More Skaven

So my unpainted is very much ahead of my painted total so I think it is a looooong time in the future where I will have more coloured in than not. Probably around 2047......

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