Monday, 3 June 2013

Never Look A Gift Skaven Warlord In The Mouth

A long term gaming buddy came over from Essex to my humble Irish abode a couple of weeks ago for a catch up, a beer or three and an obligatory game of Warhammer. The craic was had and to my delight he presented me with a painted Skaven Warlord. Now my collection of Skaven figures are hardly 'current' so imagine my wonderment at having a model that is less than 10 years old! So without further ado here is my newly acquired Skaven Warlord.

Warlord Snouty Pusfoot of Clan Pusfoot
 I really like this model, more so because all I had to do was base the little bugger. His first foray into the world of mediocre generalship was against Matt. A 2500 point battle of Skaven Vs Lizardmen. The game was pretty good fun with lots of Skaven dying to poisoned blowpipe darts, and plenty of Lizardmen dying to rusty skaven weapons and assorted warpstone implements of varying degrees of lethality. A couple of things that I have decided that I don't like on the Lizardman army list : Oldbloods with the Blade of the Hornet (25 points!!!!) and a Skink cheif on an ancient Stegadon with a Stegadon War-Spear. The first one gives an Old Blood the always strikes first rule, whereas the second gives the Stegadon 2d6+1 impacts hits when he charges. Both of these items caused unholy carnage on the soft furry bodies of my beloved ratmen! On the plus side my Doomwheel performed admirable as did my Warpfire Throwers, minuses were Ratling Gun and Stormvermin, one blew up in a ratty red mist while the other was pulped by a double charge of Stegadon and Saurus.  The game was a draw but a draw that would leave both armies too weak to effectively call it anything other than a disaster. The final turn saw Snouty Pusfoot crushed by an Old Blood in a challenge so his first outing ended in complete bloody death for him. Either I have to rename him for his next battle or give him an implausible last gasp escape to continue his narrative life.

Screaming Bell

I also finished my Screaming Bell after approximately 20 years! To be totally honest I have been using it virtually every game with it's 'basic' painting standard (which roughly translates as shit), so to actually finish it to a standard I'm pleased with is something I'm pretty psyched about. Funnily enough it suffered from 'Newly Painted Model Syndrome' in its first game and was next to useless. In fact the three items that really underwhelmed in the game were all afflicted with it: Screaming Bell, Ratling Gun and Warlord Snouty Pusfoot. So hopefully my free Skaven Warlord will be more successful in the future!

Screaming Bell

From a slightly different angle


Another slightly different angle

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