Friday, 7 November 2014

The start of something, er Nautical?

I have over the last while been interested in playing Warhammer on the high seas. As with my Athel Loren project (18 years, still in the planning stages) it will probably take a while. But I have made some progress! Still very much in the building stage are my skaven warp steamer and my elegant wood elf er, yacht. Observe:

Sludge Scraper

Below is the preliminary construction of my skaven ship Sludge Scraper. Made by spacing semi similar shapes between some other pieces of foam card then gluing some cardboardas the hull. Plenty of balsa and bits of card to represent metal plates and a warpstone boiler will hopefully make this baby come alive.
The good ship Sludge Scraper

Moon Dancer

This rather pretentious name has just come to me as it's the middle of the night and I can't think of anything better. My other boat was an ebay find that cost about 4 quid. It is in need of a couple of dowel masts and sails then it can happily swoosh along the rivers of the Old World doing the will of Ariel & Orion. so alongside some of the many other projects I currently have in progress, ship building is added to the list!

Four scouts out on a pleasure cruise

While some Saurus look on, feeling jealous
So I will hopefully be putting some more work on these in the near future. As long as some other awesomely important thing steals my attention away from them. 

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