Friday, 28 November 2014

My Daemon Crushing, Ogre Bashing, Wood Elf Juggernaut of Death!

Below is my Wood Elf list for Nordicon 3 , which is on tomorow. A full tournament report will hopefully follow.
I used Battlescribe and copied it from my email so this is the format which can either like it or lump it!

Wood Elves - Army Book (2014-5) -V8.8.0. (End Times) (2000pts)

  • Lords (581pts)

    • Glade Lord (301pts)

      (AB) Daith's Reaper (50pts), (AB) The Helm of the Hunt (20pts), (BRB) Talisman of Endurance (30pts), Asrai Longbow, Great Eagle (50pts), Hagbane Tips (3pts), Hand Weapon, Light Armor, Shield (3pts)
    • Spellweaver (280pts)

      (BRB) Dispel Scroll (25pts), (BRB) Talisman of Preservation (45pts), (BRB) Warrior Bane (5pts), Dark Magic, Elven Steed (20pts)
  • Heroes (321pts)

    • Branchwraith (75pts)

    • Glade Captain (156pts)

      (AB) Hail of Doom Arrow (30pts), (BRB) Enchanted Shield (5pts), (BRB) Tormentor Sword (5pts), Asrai Longbow, Asrai Spear (2pts), Battle Standard (25pts), Elven Steed (10pts), Light Armor, Starfire Shafts (4pts)
    • Waystalker (90pts)

      Always Strike First, Forest Stalker, Hawk-eyed Archer, Scout, Sniper
  • Core (503pts)

    • Glade Guard (210pts)

      Always Strike First, Forest Stalker
      • 14x Glade Guard (210pts)

        14x Trueflight Arrows (42pts)
      Glade Guard544331518InfantryAB
    • Glade Guard (160pts)

      Standard Bearer (10pts)
      Always Strike First, Forest Stalker
      • 10x Glade Guard (150pts)

        10x Hagbane Tips (30pts)
      Glade Guard544331518InfantryAB
    • Glade Riders (133pts)

      7x Glade Riders (133pts)
  • Rare (160pts)

    • Waywatchers (160pts)

      8x Waywatchers (160pts)
      Always Strike First, Forest Stalker, Hawk-eyed Archer, Scout, Skirmisher
  • Special (435pts)

    • Sisters of the Thorn (130pts)

      5x Sisters of the Thorn (130pts)
      Always Strike First, Daughters of Eternity, Deepwood Coven, Fast Cavalry, Forest Stalker, Poisoned Attacks (riders only)
      Sisters of the Thorn54533151964CavalryAB p46
      Steed of Isha930431415AB p46
    • Warhawk Riders (145pts)

      3x Warhawk Riders (135pts), Wind Rider (10pts)
      Always Strike First, Armour Piercing, Flying Cavalry, Forest Stalker, Predator's Descent
      Warhawk Riders544331518Monstrous Cavalry
      Wind Rider544331528Monstrous Cavalry
    • Wild Riders (160pts)

      Champion (10pts), 5x Wild Riders (130pts)
      Always Strike First, Devastating Charge, Fast Cavalry, Fear, Forest Stalker, Frenzy, Talismanic Tattoos
      • Standard Bearer (20pts)

        (BRB) Banner of Eternal Flame (10pts)
      Steed of Kurnos930431415
      Wild Hunter55443152956
      Wild Riders55443151956

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