Thursday, 1 January 2015

End of Year Stock Taking

Well as the end of the year approaches, I thought I'd do one of those what my hobby made me do type posts.


In no particular order, here's what I finished this year;

  • an Earth Elemental,
  • An Empire Witch Hunter
  • A Necromundan Telekinetic
  • A Stunted Necomundan
  • 3 empire Archers
  • A Brettonian Organ Gun with crew
  • 8 members of Super Viper Assassination Squad
  • 4 mutants
  • A skavenslave drummer
  • 6 Stormvermin
  • A werewolf
  • Stabb The Acolyte (Chaos Warrior)
  • 3 Chaos Hounds (including Redmaw).
  • Dark Elf hero
  • 3 Giant Rats
  • 8 Wardancers
  • Waystalker
  • A drunk dwarf
Also painted up to an acceptable standard were 5 Sisters of the Thorn, 5 Wild riders, 7 Glade riders, 3 Warhawk Riders, a mounted BSB (Asrai) and a Spellweaver. When counting up the models comes up just short of a 100 models. Not as good as last year but not far from it either.


Played a lot of games this year, mainly with my wood Elves, lost a lot of games (admittedly some narrowly) won less, but more importantly our gaming group has expanded making it more diverse - which can only be good. Played some games of Infinity and Warmahordes and fully intend to build a couple of armies for each, but I don't intend to go full retard for either game like I have with Warhammer (at least not for the moment anyway). Failed to attend tournaments again, but I think I need to think filthier before I do.

Other Stuff

Scenerywise I didn't get anything finished but hopefully I can get some semi constructed Nectomundan Towers finished, a length of river and my ultra old school Communications Tower. My Drinking establishment needs to get finished as do half a dozen other projects including my Warhammer Ahoy! ships. I'm also trying bring my figure collection to a size that is more realistic and in keeping with my painting speeds. Ebay is where my unwanted lead stuff goes (as does most other peoples I guess). A bit of a slap in the nuts was my attempts to shift some painted painted high elves, I know I'm not the best painter in the world but after nearly 2 months of being on Evilbay for €1.49 none of the models below even got a watcher. Ah well, I won't be putting them back on sale as it really is detrimental to my painter ego!

Black Tree Design Elf

Shadow Warrior that underlines my pointlessness in painting

Last time you will ever him Evilbay!
I suppose the only silver lining is that my white Lions can now be part of my Elven Nations Army who are now crammed into Athel Loren.

So all that's left for me is to wish anyone foolish enough to read this a Happy New Year, and may they always roll average dice!

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