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Mizard Wodel, birth of a legend!

The time has come round for another Warhammer Fantasy Battle Battle Report or W.F.B.B.R. Again this was another combined effort from various members of the gaming group, Stuart for providing the opposition and snazzy camera, Donal for his copious note taking, and of course Phil for allowing loads of gamers into the house.

The Armies

The game was 2500 points. Stuart had gotten the new Thanquol & Boneripper model and wanted to give him a run out. I'm always eager to play so accommodating him wasn't a problem. Stuarts army consisted of this:
Thanquol and Boneripper (End Times) (Dreaded 13th, Howling Warpgale, Death Frenzy, Skitterleap)
Chieftan, BSB, Storm Banner, Shield
Plague Priest, Lvl 2, dispel scroll (my left unit of plague monks, Pestilant Breath and Bless with filth)
Plague Priest, lvl 2 (other unit of plague monks, Wither, Cloud Of Corruption)
30x clanrats, banner, shields
30x clanrats, banner, shields
30x slaves
30x slaves
40x giant rats, Skweel Gnawtooth (additional attack), 4 packmasters
20x plague monks
20x plague monks
Hell Pit Abomination
Hell Pit Abomination

My army was :
Glade Lord Daith's Reaper , Charmed Shield ,  Talisman of Endurance , Asrai Longbow, Great Eagle,  Hand Weapon, Light Armor

Spellweaver   Dispel Scroll,  Talisman of Preservation, The Terrifying Mask of Eee. Dark Magic ; Arnizipal's Black Horror, Shroud of Despair, Word of Pain, Bladewind.

Glade Captain   Hail of Doom Arrow ,  Dragonhelm ,  Tormentor Sword , Asrai Longbow, Battle Standard , Elven Steed , Hand Weapon, Light Armor, Shield , Starfire Shafts 

Spellsinger  Level 2 , Obsidian Amulet , Elven Steed ,Lore of Beasts: Wyssan's Wildform, Amber Spear.

14x Glade Guard Starfire Shafts 

7x Glade Riders 7x Hagbane Tips 

5x Glade Riders Starfire Shafts

5x Glade Riders  Starfire Shafts 

8x Deepwood Scouts Starfire Shafts 

7x Sisters of the Thorn, Champion, Standard Bearer 

3x Warhawk Riders , Wind Rider 

5 x Wild Riders Champion , Standard Bearer,  Banner of Eternal Flame 

5 x Wild Riders Champion 

8x Waywatchers

Pre Game Tactical Analysis Type Thing 

One thing that recent games has taught me is that the fragility of Wood Elf armies leaves a lot to be desired. They are pretty much the spoilt brat of the Warhammer world; good at giving it out, not much cop at taking it. Anyone who has read my recent Wood Elf batreps will probably notice a trend of my army collapsing during the magic and close combat phase (I still like to think I can hold my own in the shooting phase). A couple of units I do like are Wild Riders and Warhawk Riders, the former is I think the hardest hitting fast cavalry in the game and Warhawks are one of the few units in my army with a bit of durability. Obligatory Sisters of the Thorn to hide my BSB and Darkweaver in and my new favourite thing in my army Daith's Reaper. I was expecting lots of awful Skaven war machines so I built up my core troops with lots of Glade Riders with anti-Skaven arrows. Glade Guard, Scouts and Waywatchers provided missile support. A couple of dirty tricks Terror causing Darkweaver and the Tormentor Sword for the BSB nearly made up my army. I went for a mounted Amber wizard as I thought there were enough buffs in the lore to help my army's staying power, added to the fact that as most of my army was mounted, I'd get a +1 to my casting rolls.
As far as Stuart's army was concerned I was a bit surprised to see no artillery just lots of awkward units of 20+ ratmen ready to steadfast the shit out of my army. What I was displeased to see was two Abominations, generally I only have one of these to deal with, but this time there was a double dose!

Setup and Stuff I forget Phase

After I won the roll for table edge (the side of the table furthest away from the kettle is best as you don't have to make the tea), the set up is below, both Abombs were deployed on the flanks as were the Plague Monks with the grunt infantry in the middle. Skweel Gnawtooth gave the giant rats an extra attack due to his advanced animal handling routines. I deployed from left to right Warhawks, Glade Guard, Waywatchers, Wild Riders #1, Mizard Wodel, Sisters, General, Wild Riders #2. I deployed my scouts to the far right. This is actually the second or third picture of setup as prior to this I won the roll for first turn but didn't deploy either scout unit. Subsequently I did deploy them and lost the roll for who goes first. Didn't vanguard as both Abombs were disadvantageously positioned (ok, ok I forgot). Also forgot to give Thanquol his Arrow of Kurnous . D'oh!


Turn One

The Skaven advance sounded with the synchronized squirting of the musk of fear (possibly trumpets too). The Abomb #1, opposite the Warhawks virtually rocketed forward 15" (thank Odin I forgot to vanguard) and Abomb #2 moved forward an also impressive 12". The rest of the army moved forward with two unit occupying buildings to the left and right (this was to become a common theme in the game). the river turned out to be a raging torrent and 7 Clanrats drowned trying to get into the tower. The skavenslaves were far better at negotiating the water though and lost none. Stu's magic roll was a 6 + 4 with a channel. He cast Death Frenzy on the giant rat unit, I dispelled Blessed With Filth and scrolled Howling Warpgale. Two packmasters hearts gave out due to the spell ( Death Frenzy not  Howling Warpgale) . I was 9-0 up on casualties so far this game so it was all going swimmingly..........

Rocket Abomination
Stuart activated his Storm Banner so any cool shooty stuff or clever flying maneuverings were out the window for this turn. I charged Wild Riders #1 into Abomb #2 knowing that the other Wild Rider unit had the Banner of Eternal Flame. Oh well, they would have to elf up and do one! my Warhawks skipped back with their paltry move of 1 and the Eagle Rider strode forward 2.   Magic was a 5 + 2 with no channels. I attempted to cast Bladewind on the Plague Monks - rolled a 1 + 2 so that didn't happen. The Sister's then cast Curse of Anhreir on the giant rats which was narrowly undispelled by 1 (due to them being war beasts). Also cast Wyssan's on the Wild Riders. It had been a not too bad magic phase. Shooting wasn't so bad all thing considered (the fucking Storm Banner to be precise) 9 were killed from the giant rat unit including 2 packmasters. Close combat was eventful, my Wild Riders alone caused 11 wounds (after regeneration 4), then the stags saved the day by goring it to death. The Wild Riders, ever the impetuous deer jockeys leap over the steaming mound of purulent offal and hurtle off into the Clanrats. Then something awful happened Abomb #2 came back to life! Back on 3 wounds Abomb #3 was born! now my plans were well and truly scuppered!

Wild Riders don't double tap
End of Turn one

Turn Two

Not all that dreaded 13th
The Storm Banner faded so that was good news, Abomb #3 crashes into the Sisters and Abomb #1 gets the 11 needed to hit the Warhawks. The giant rats charge the Glade Guard in the woods losing 8 to dangerous terrain tests (passing their panic test). Magic was 4 + 6 with a channel. Stu 8* diced The Dreaded 13th and the hilarious picture above shows the result and I dispel both Wither & Cloud of Corruption. Abomb #1 win combat by 4 against the Warhawks but amazingly they hold. Despite the giant rats being jacked up on magical amphetamine my Glade Guard rout them, sadly the rout test were passed by the Skaven around them. The Wild Rider #1 unit caused 9 wounds on the Clanrats but steadfast saved their ratty bacon. Abomb #3 causes a net +4 combat resolution but due to the BSB and general being near pass, they do however fail to reform.

Skweel leads from the front
The cavalry arrives! All three Glade Riders come on the board behind Thanquol but unfortunately the fleeing giant rats are able to provide cover! The Wild Rider #2 (now with added flamingness!) charge the flank of Abomb #3. My general on the eagle charges the Plague Monks. My Darkweaver casts Shroud of Despair, I also manage to get Curse of Anhreir on the Plague Monks but Stuart then becomes a total spoilsport by dispelling Wyssan's on the general. He then dispells Word of Pain. The Waywatchers kill a few Slaves. the Scouts and Glade Riders all shoot Thanquol and the only 2 wounds caused are saved. Wild Riders #2 barbecue the Abomb overunning into the Plague Monks. The Sisters reform saying stuff like "We were just about to open up a can of Whoop Ass, only you geezers spoiled it for us!" . The other Wild Rider unit defeat the Clanrats but they just about pass their break test. The Elf general kills three monks for no return but they pass their break test. Meanwhile on the other side of the battlefield my warhawks were doing a sterling job of unitentionally holding up the Abomb. They even win combat by 1 when after 12 attacks only 1 wounds!
Surprise Party

End of turn Two

Turn Three

Stu's giant rats rally, the Skavenslaves charge through the marsh to the waywatchers losing 5 to dangerous terrain and shooting. Magic - Howling Warpgale failed on a double 1. A Plague Priest miscasts Cloud of Corruption, it kills 4 Waywatchers and a few Sisters. Also Mizard Wodel is hit twice but luckily his Obsidian Amulet saves the day. No other skaven were harmed in the casting of this spell - Thanquol saves his wound but 3 Monks die from the ensuing detonation. Skaven, eh? First bit of shooting from the skaven army sees Thanquol misfire with both warpfire throwers killing 7 giant rats. Skaven again, eh? The Warhawk Abomb battle drew to a bloody close when the elves took another 3 wounds off it only to be thoroughly pulped by flailing fists leaving some birds and elves mangled in one bloody heap. the Skavenslaves rout and catch the Waywatchers whilst the Elf Lord does the same to the Plague Monks without the catching, as he flew into the Clanrats fighting the Wild Riders. Another round of combat was fought with a Wild Rider dying and the skaven losing another 9 rats only to pass their break test on a 5!
Abomination wants to hug flappy friends

Slaves & Plague Monks like to party

End of Skaven turn Three
At the start of my turn I charged my 7 Glade riders into the giant rats next to Thanquol. My glade Guard charge the flank of the unit of Clanrats with the BSB in it too. In the magic phase Wyssan's is cast on my general then Shield of Thorns is miscast by the last remaining Sister so she blows up (probably the best result of a miscast I've had in a long time). Unfortunately it only killed a packmaster. My shooting phase consisted of me trying to kill Thanquol, With a Hail of Doom Arrow and another 18 shots I only manage to take two wounds off him, oh well, slow and steady kills the rat wizard! There was a lot of close combat this turn, the Glade Guard beat the BSB's unit by 2 but due to steadfast don't run and even have the temerity to reform! The Wild Rider#1 and general destroy the remaining Clanrats and reform to face Thanquol. The giant rats totally kick the arse of my glade riders who bugger off away from them, but fail to catch them.

End of Wood Elf Turn Three

Turn Four

The Hellpit Abomination trundled towards the centre of the battlefield and the Plague monks rally (the 18" leadership bubble from Thanquol really is a pain!). The giant rats flank charge my Glade Riders whilst the skavenslaves charge from the front losing 6 to the cold water. Another eventful magic phase of 4 + 6 with 3 channels. Cloud of Corruption is miscast, puts a wound on my general, kills the solitary Wild Rider next to him and kills 3 Glade Riders. Mizard Woble dies valiantly  makes his ward saves much to my amazement. The resulting miscast wounds all three skaven magic users. Shooting does nothing. The Glade Guard/ Clanrat fight goes on 5 from each side getting killed, the Glade guard make their break test, whilst on the other table side my 5 Glade Riders are chopped up by the combined forces or rattery that oppose them, two combat reforms later and they're ready for a little more carnage.
Turn 4 after Skaven movement

End of skaven turn 4
Turn four was when the shit got real! My general (whom I haven't named yet but I probably will if he makes it through another battle) charges Thanquol with my as yet unscathed Wild Rider #2 unit. the ensuing stand and shoot from Thanquol scathed them pretty good killing 2 and putting a wound on my general. Big magic phase 6 + 5! Black Horror was dispelled, failed to cast Amber Spear but Bladewind was cast (far too sucessfully if you ask me), killing 11 slaves who inconveniently passed their panic test. The resulting miscast left my Darkweaver with a force 8 migraine and a bad case of wizard's block (now a level 1).The only thing shooting achieved was a failed panic test on the now thoroughly dejected Plague Monks who flee a paltry 8". In the combat phase Thanquol gets all tricksy by issuing a challenge. I accept with my Wild rider champion as he is marginally more destructive on the charge than the general, unfortunately he turns out to be a bit of a wuss and fails to do any damage. The Grey Seer riding the Rat Ogre isn't though and pummels him into the ground. The remaining archers in the woods cause no damage losing one to sharp incisors.
Generals meet in the middle

Turn Five

Stuart's incredibrave Plague Monks rally again! The giant rats charge my two Glade Riders who decide flouncing off on their pretty horses is preferable to getting gnawed to death by rabid fleabags who flee. In the magic phase Stuart Curse of The Horned Rat my largely uninspiring scouts who achieved bugger all most of this game ( now they get a chance to do the same in the opposite movement phase). Luckily the spell was miscast so I hoped for something Dimensional Cascadey, what I got was a smug Thanquol 2 dead Wild Riders and a general down to one wound! Not optimal. Close combat was my general against his and at this point I really should mention Daith's Reaper,  it truly is an awesome weapon, rerolls misses and failures to wound whilst successful must be rerolled. All for 50 points, it's a bargain! Back on topic the combat saw no one wound each other at all. The Glade Guard in the wood finally succumbed to the now much depleted Clanrat unit dying to an elf.

Turn 5 post miscast all according to plan

Skaven magic; the somewhat dreaded 13th
Things were getting a bit desperate at this stage in the game, jobs had to be done and I was running out of elves to do them so I had to put faith in the only figure I had bothered to name in my army Mizard Wodel! So he charged into the flank of the Skavenslave unit hoping to achieve something. I also charged my BSB and Deathweaver into the Clanrat unit that had made such a meal of the Glade Guard. Also my remaining Glade riders rallied and sauntered around so they were facing the clanrat flank. Stuart was pretty non-compliant during the magic phase dispelling Wyssan's and scrolling Word of Pain, anyone would think he didn't want me to cast my spells or something. I shot the Abomb #1 but failed to wound (he only had 1 left). The generals fought on with Thanquol taking a wound and my guy passing a save. The BSB showdown wasn't really one as the skaven banner bearer found something really interesting in the back ranks of his unit that he wanted to look at. With that the elf unit kills 1 clanrat for no return, winning combat but not by enough to break them. Then it was time of Mizard Wodel to shine he hits like a thunderbolt killing a slave with such finesse and grace that the entire unit explodes with rat bits everywhere! Job done he overruns so he is next to the Glade Riders, ready to scarper if the rest of the battle goes tits up.

Turn 5 Mizard Wodel gets shit done

Turn Six

The Plague Monks charge my general, more for moral support I think rather than anything else. The Abomb #1 tries to get jiggy with my Darkweaver/BSB unitette. A 3 + 3 magic phase and Bless with Filth is cast on Thanquol. In their combat my general puts two wounds on Thanquol whilst saving two in return, a break test is made and passed and I can breathe again! In other news my BSB shoves the Darkweaver out of the way and twats the Abomb #1 on the head killing it. The skaven BSB is still cowering at the back and no one wounds my Darkweaver.
My final turn. The two Glade Riders, feeling brave and possibly egged on by Mizard charge into the Clanrat's flank. In the magic phase a boosted Word of Pain  goes off on Thanquol with -1 to his relevent stats. Wyssan's is again dispelled. Close combat and the Clanrats with the terrified BSB in it finally break and run (except for the BSB, who had been trying to give the standard to anyone else in the unit to save his own worthless hide). The final event was my general finally killing Thanquol in the last turn of the game! After some totting up, a victory for the elves is written in the great Blog of Ages, never to be forgotten.

*We forgot warpstone tokens can't increase max dice cast in a spell over 6.


That was a close one. A very enjoyable and tough game. Stuart always gives me a tough game but this time I have fewer mistakes to moan about. My unit selection was ok as I wanted a highly mobile force to pick my combats, unfortunately I used my Glade riders badlyallowing them to get destroyed a bit too easily, also when I charge a model with The Terrifying Mask of Eee, I really should make my opponent make a terror test! I think Lore of Beasts is good with my current list as most units have a +1 bonus to cast augments on them. The game seesawed all the way through but in the end the good guys came out on top!Thanks for reading.

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