Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Mutants, Pokemon & The Cat In The Wizard's Hat

Happy New Year!

In my week and a half Xmas *holliers I managed to finish some of my models. As is customary for me they have nothing really to do with what I'm playing at the moment. Any of my small group of blog followers may know I've been playing Kings Of War, so all the models I've finished are nothing to do with it. Anyway here's some pictures;

First up is a Shaolin monk from Iron Mammoth Miniatures. I painted him up as **masseuse for my human Bloodbowl team. He can also be an interesting npc for Inquisimunda type games and has enough of a weird scale to make a convincing alien too. 

Shao Lynn

 Next is my Oldskool citadel Astropath. Again Rogue Trader/Inquisimunda or even a member of my Imperial Guard army. A Wyrd in Necromunda is also probable so there are plenty of opportunities for him to get some table time.

Astro Path

 Below is one of those models that I purchased from ebay with a lot of other ***Bitz. It is a small cat with a party hat,  and a large novelty birthday badge. I started to paint it up for a brief flirtation with Warhammer Quest a while ago and have just finished it. The hat is painted up with astrological phenomena to give the impression of a wizard who cast one too many transmutation spells and is now permanently a pussy. He waits in a dungeon licking himself until he is be rescued by some brave adventurers. He can also be a planetary governor's best friend that in Inquismundial world has to be rescued from rabid animal rights terrorists.

Bizarro the Cat

Next is an old Necromunda Beastmaster Wyrd that I obtained from the aforementioned Bitz on ebay. He was missing his left arm from the elbow and had been divested of his stub gun. Some greenstuff and a weapons upgrade and he can be any one of a dozen npc types in a game with the considerable punch of a plasma pistol to fry people with.

Nearly Naked Jeb

An old Skaven Rat Ogre with a plastic Ogre head are the main components of my big guy with a Goliath shotgun. I have painted the fur to slightly resemble wool instead of fur to give the impression of a highly muscular dude in a woolen onesie. The fact that he wears a necklace of ears which are actually bigger than his makes me wonder what poor misfortunates with large lugholes got scragged by him just for being over endowed in the aural department.

Big Mutant Guy
The next six models are all ex-skaven with a little doctoring. Some head swaps and greenstuffing have made me some scavvyesque thugs ready to do horrible things to innocent people.

Arran Jumper Thugs
The next four are all skaven warpfire thrower loaders re-headed to make Necromunda pack slaves or just general downtrodden proles from the 41st millenium. again the obligatory Arran jumpers with MaxMini evil heads.

Half Blind Pete & Zombie Chuck

Smug Grin & Elephant Man

Lastly are my first finished Infinity models. I saw the game got caught up in the excitement and decided that Tohaa were the army I wanted to collect, the main reason I think were the terms Viral weaponry and Swarm grenades. Then came a 10 month lack of interest until I discovered the Tohaa could use these little critters in a variety of interesting ways such as bombs, hacking devices and ****fire blankets. These models are actually more equipment markers so technically I don't have any Tohaa combatants painted yet. These also can double as exotic alien pets being illegally transported across the post apocalyptic wastes Smokey & The Bandit style.

So there you have it all painted up last December but only posted this year. Hopefully I can get some more finished in the none to distant future.

Thanks for reading.

* Dubliner speak for holiday.
** I envisage the chairman of the team has gone for the creepy-but-cheap type masseuse rather than the attractive-but-expensive brand.
*** Ebay code for stuff with it's heads cut off.
**** Quite a important piece of kit from a Tohaa point of view.


Kye Baker said...

That's a good amount of painting for a week and I half. Surely beats my on model over that same time. Well done Jason.

Kye Baker said...

That's a good amount of painting for a week and I half. Surely beats my on model over that same time. Well done Jason.

Jason Forde said...

Thanks Kye, but a most of the work was done last year.