Thursday, 7 April 2016

Scenery WIP

This blog has been a wee bit quiet of late, and as one of those all too common "I'm not dead!" type posts, here is my *"I'm not dead!" post. So here is what i've been up to:

Two Blokes Standing by a Wall

I've decided that the best pictures are those with an immersive background and to that end I finally finished (well ish) some 40K type metal walls. simply they were two plastic drawer dividers that got chopped up and drybrushed then inked. I'm sure some inflammatory graffiti will makes it's way on there, but for now it's pretty plain.

"Ham sandwiches again, Harry?"

Terribly Dangerous Plants

I have nearly finished my polystyrene balls Spiker plants for the Underhive and beyond. Cocktail sticks, pva glue and flock. Simples. These pieces are multi functional as they can be used in death world jungles, the hellish under hive and as sentries in mad scientists secret lairs. I'm also going to make a couple of semi transformed models who are well on there way to plantdom. A liitle bit of highlighting on the spikes and were ready to rock n' roll.

Spikers hemmed in.

Underhive Holestead

Using a template from a 20 year White Dwarf was where I began making this building. The roofs are removable for added hideability of models. I sprayed it with a dull grey primer then a thin wash of rusty ink. Picking out the details will be easy enough but I want the building to be drab and uninspiring as in the 41st Millenium there is no home improvement tv **shows! Some of the rags/tarpaulins draped over the window frames may get some fancy flamboyant colours, like brown or a slightly different grey. 

Stolen Ork Vehicles

My Ash Wastes project has received a little advance with me putting a mixture of purple and yellow ink to these grey undercoated Orks vehicles. I was pretty happy with how they turned out to be honest. a small amout of detail picking out on tyre and such and they should be roadworthy in a ***short time.

Where All  The Wild Things Go

The two pictures below are my attempt at an underhive jail. lots more to do to it but it's coming along nicely I think. Features of note are the plastic sprue ladder and the pair of hands sculpted holding a set of bars at the back. Buttresses, a balcony and possible an outside privy are still in the cutting things up stage at the moment. A suitably drab paint scheme will follow.

The front of the Jail (or Gaol).

I'm pretty happy with how the plastic sprue ladder came out.

Bessie The Sump Mule

Bessie the sump mule came about from an idea I had for a character in an issue of the Slag Valley Bullett. Essentially a wandering underhiver has lost his sump mule (Bessie) and was an eyewitness to a gunfight between Scavvy's and a group of Delaques trying to affect a rescue mission (for captured gangers - not Bessie). So I decided to chop up parts of an old plastic horse to create a suitably mutated beast of burden. Some cosmetic enhancements (a lizard's leg, ****Skaven vent pipes and baggage) have hopefully made her all sci-Fi. with luck, Bessie can make her debut in a game in the not too distant future as a mobile and uncooperative objective in the style of a scavengers game. Of course I also have to make Purgative Jessop, owner of Bessie and the valuables she carries.
Bessie's Good side

Bessie's Not So Good side
So there you have it, a little bit of what's on offer at Casa Fat Git at the moment. Now alls I have to do is convince my group to play Necromunda/Inquisimunda in the near future. I'm leaning towards an Inquisitorial team but criminal elements seem like fun too. Watch this space!

Thanks for reading.

*As of the time of this post being posted.
** Praise the Emperor!
***to me under 5 years is a short time.
**** I'm bluffing I haven't a clue what they're called.


Frank O'Donnell said...

I love those walls Jason, but when you say draw dividers what are they & where did you get them ?

Jason Forde said...

Thanks. There was an old desk at work that was getting thrown out and there were two lengths of plastic (the dividers) that separated parts of the deal drawer. Id imagine that office deals would probably have them, not sure if they'd be available commonly though. I will have a look.