Saturday, 30 April 2016

More Painted Fings

My Productivity Is Reaching Epic Proportions! 

Weirdly my painting is matching my gaming so I'm still Inquisimundaing the hell out of my model collection.


I have finished five Scavvys for my scabrous horde. Old Tomb Dogger, the previous ganger leader will shortly be making way for the new improved Scavvy gang leader, one that is not married to his sister! These Scavvy sculpts are really nice, with lots of dirty rags hanging off their weapons and what not.

Scabby Topknot

The next two Scavvys are pretty standard armed critters. Shotgun and a Stub gun/knife combo. Useful for underwhelming the normals.

Cannibal Pals

The next two are a stub and club armed yahoo and a copy of the shotgunner in the picture above, I painted all of these wearing a desert yellow overcoat as at some point I'm thinking that a couple of Adeptus Sanitorum models will have to be made and a shitty yellow overcoat will signify where these muties got them from.

More Skinwearers

Crack Imperial Goons

I finished two human soldiers, the one on the left is an old citadel Guardsman, and for some reason he seems to be a bit short for your average trooper. The one on the right, I'm pretty sure isn't GW but I'm not sure what he is. On close inspection of the face it seems he has a slightly Tau-like face, just the sort of asset any self respecting Ordos Xenos would like in his team to infiltrate and destroy nasty no-nosed aliens. I also painted red crosses on his gun and backpack giving him the impression that he's a caring kind of guy even though he would probably sell your intestines for shoelaces!

Shawty & Pete the Tau

The model below is an old Catachan officer with the Catachan Captains autogun arm as well. It represents a major player in the underworld, a bit like an end of level boss who is pretty tasty at handing out mayhem. I see him as an arch rival to Abdul Goldberg interplanetary criminal, and man about town. Expect to see them in a battle report near you in the future!

Sillepeto Tong Underworld Gangster

Another Plot Device

Below is an old Chaos Beastmaster given a plastic Terminator Librarian's Storm bolter. I intend him to be leader of an slaver group who will form a rather useful protagonist and narrative mover alonger. The whip in his right hand is one of those 'counts as' items, in this case it's a power maul. A strange alien anesthetic whip that is useful for capturing the unwary. Probably a close associate of Sillepeto Tong. He has some kind of animal skin draped over him and I painted the snout pinker than your average bear to give the idea that the skin is from a Cthellian Cudbear of Rogue Trader deathworld fame. In any case, he's a serious dude!

Slaver Joe


Below are some of the assistant grots from late 90's I believe. No I don't intend to start an Orc army, I just love the models and I think they'll make excellent slaves/assistants for the geezer above! Some of my favourite models especially the one carrying the huge load with a Snotling lolling about at the top, unbeknownst to the Grot below of course!

Wackit & Leggit

Grabb & Smash

On another note my blog has just gone over 30,000 views. Not viral but still a milestone I'm pretty happy about. A big thank you to anyone who has mistakenly clicked on Gratuitous Tits & Ass , Bare Breasted Buxom Beauties or even Mutated Tits out for the lads looking for some fap action only to find my toy soldier prose. An even bigger thank you to those who actually clicked on here knowing full well what kind of stuff they'd find.

Thanks to anyone reading!


Michael Mills said...

Nice work. A couple of very well executed conversions too!

Jason Forde said...

Thanks very much. My Greenstuff-Fu is coming along.