Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Black Hole of Paraquat

My scenery collection has gone up by one. It's a gaol, or jail. The building itself is on the Imperial planet of Krablokistan. A small strategically unimportant planet left, for the most part alone by the Imperial Administratum. A remote town in Krablokistan called Paraquat is where this building is found. 

The rear of the gaol.
The front view.
One aspect of the terrain I'm pretty happy with is the prisoner at the window. some greenstuff hands and a maxmini head gives the model some interest. as the rather large knuckles are prevalent in the picture I decided to give the prisoner a name. Strangler Arris is (as the name suggests) a fairly unpleasant dude who has wound up serving time at The Emperor's pleasure. His story is for another blog post but he has already seen a skirmish between some Underworld Mercs and a Genestealer Cult.

How Oldhammer! An oldskool Squat pretending to be a Ratling.

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