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Outlanders Kickstarter Models & Friends

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away........

I started painting some models from the Outlanders kickstarter, they were some different looking Sci Fi models. They had a bit of a wild west feel to them, so I bought the set. I finished some of them and as is my wont, decided to inflict them on the good people of the internet. So on with the prose...

The Marshall

To be honest this model was what sold me on the range. A lawman who looks like he fits in the grim darkness of the hives of Necromunda, the idyllic farmlands of Nora or any of the other Imperial worlds I intend to play Inquisimunda games on. He looks like he can pass for a bounty hunter, shifty spiv, pimp or many other personages in my games. He has a bright future on my tabletop!

Do you feel lucky, punk?

 The Shaman

This is the shaman model from the campaign. A real native feel to this one, painted up with woodland colours, to be at one with nature I think. A bionic eye and an unusual hairdo, shotgun and some kind of skull on a pole. I'm not sure whether the Outlander campaign has the owner of the skull in a future kickstarter but I'm sure I'd love to see it, it has an immense number of teeth and a nose bone! Simple to do as there wasn't an abundance of overcomplicated things to paint, I enjoyed it. If I was to be critical it would be his right hand, nothing much but has a bit of a crab claw thing going on, but the angle of the hands makes it an unlikely thing to see unless you spend a lot of time faffing around painting it. His uses include, a Wyrd, town elder, and just a hired goon. One can never have enough hired goons I think.

Lopsided Larrybold

Miziz Clause

The model below is a woman armed with a machine gun. Static pose and a gun that seems to levitate just above her left hand are the downsides. simple and quick to paint with a feminine face on the plus side. A rather bright colour scheme that put in in mind of Santa, but I actually liked how it came out so I'm not changing her now! 

Blurry Bertha

Acolyte Buxom Gets A Makeover

In our Inquisimunda campaign, Acolyte Buxom got a WS advance so I swapped some equipment round and created this. From an old citadel Assassin model a greenstuff hairdo and a scratchbuilt Power Maul means Buxom can now happily wade into close combat knocking the Bejasus out of any unsuspecting (or ill equipped) enemy models that she takes a shine to. Also decided that a blue rinse might make her a bit more accessible when she has a bit of down time and heads out to the local niteclub on Inquisition Cell Wednesdays.

On me 'ead Son!

Sally Strange Hat

Another Outlander armed with a double barrelled shotgun and a very Sci Fi hair arrangement that seems a bit incongruous in a frontier type setting. Still another yokel to prove to be an obstacle in any heroic warband's way is finished! Go me! 

If'n you don't like ma hat, I's gonna shoot yore ass!

 Shy Benny

This is named as a veteran in the campaign. Blunderbuss and a bionic leg means he has been around a bit but I'm pretty sure you don't arm your best fighters with short ranged 'you can't really miss' guns. He has a backpack and an axe so he is pretty much all purpose in the game. My only gripe with this model is the angle of the head, although very realistic (stooping down to reload/unjam his gun) the face was hard to get to and lacking detail. Still, a model that has a lot of uses. Yokel, bystander, scout and woodsman to name a few.

Umm, hello?

 Dwelvis Has Entered The Building!

Many years ago, when Black Tree Miniatures were still called Icon, I bought some of their models. As a gimmicky bonus I got this Dwarf Elvis - or Dwelvis free. For absolutely ages I couldn't think of a single use for any of my games until now. Elvo (couldn't manage to fit Elvod on the axe) is an abhuman singer. I suppose he can find his way into all manner of rock star type scenarios, paternity tests, find my drugs and collect the groupies. All high brow stuff. The axe is simply a stage prop. Or is it?

Are you lonesome tonight?

Chaos Witch

What does my Inquisition Cell hanker for most? That's right, a horrible chaos witch to make it all worthwhile. As with a lot of my models, they were originally for me to happily play Warhammer 8th edition with until GW shat all over my hopes and dreams. Enough whining, this is an old model that I intend to use as, first and foremost, a dirty Slaanesh bint, but also a shaman (shawoman?), Oracle and general esoteric person who does inexplicable things in the 41st Millenium. I deliberately painted the insect head gold as a) I didn't want an insect headed protagonist as they're far too conspicuous and b) it was quicker just slapping gold all over it. The end result is supposed to give the impression of a luxurious mask.

Careful where you point that thing!

Cyberdine Dags

Last up are my Cyber dags. More escapees from the Outlanders project, they really are multi purpose. These along with the Marshall were my favourite models from the campaign and the most likely to find table time. My first act was to spray them black and dry brush the metal areas then I hit a speed bump in the guise of what colour are heavily cyborgisized hounds? I decided that in the Grimdark world of Necromunda et al, the process of upgrading the dogs is an unpleasant one, involving bolting things on, welding others and removing the superfluous.  The result is a partially furred creature that looks like the critters below. This also allows for all manner of scenarios in themselves, a strike team from the organisation Mothers Against Cybernetic Experimentation raids a government controlled kennels to free some canines destined for the rivet gun. 

Huey, Lewwy and Dewwy

Sit, Stand, Sit!!

So that is my offering for this week, some interesting figures to hopefully be seen on a tabletop near me soon. In the pipeline next is I hope some Moonraker Miniatures civilians and something I'm also very excited about, the Return to Colony 87 kickstarter that arrived in the post this week. Whilst I am in this Kickstarter frenzy I must mention the second phase of the Outlanders campaign, some more semi civilian models with more dags, a robotic duck and a pseudo Jokaero! Exciting times indeed.

Thanks for reading.

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