Monday, 17 July 2017

More Deathworld Gribblies & Some Astra Militarum to Wipe Them Out

The Leadpile Receeds!

Finished some more models, mainly due to my renewed interest in 40K. Before I unveil my galaxy defeating forces here are a couple of long termers from my 'get it painted sometime' painted table.

Naked Mutated Fox Chick

This model is so Oldhammer! Back when I had access to loose lead from Games Workshop every now and then I would order a couple of kilos of lead (associated plastics were free), one day I bought this freaky little minx. A werefox of all things. Having never seen one in any of my games, I presume it's a DnD critter. Probably tricky and slightly sexual. Not sure what I will be able to use it as, but some sort of alien menace I'd imagine.

I'm pert and weird.

A figure from more innocent times?

Ice World Mimics or Vampire Monkeys

More refugees from my GW boycott, can't remember what they are called but I think they're TSR models. Apart from that not much I can tell you. I will use them as escaped exotic exhibits from some planetary governor's menagerie. Or daemons, as there seems to be way too many of them wandering around the Imperium at present. I was experimenting with diffused light on my models in a home made light box. Looks like experiment number 25 (at the very least) was unsuccessful. 

Albino Monkeys from Space.
I'm working out a scenario for 40K where a Tau force are showing various alien races how powerful they are by taking on an imperial army whilst protecting said xenos from all the nasty weapons of mass alien destruction that my Imperial Guard army will be trying to mete out. These are prime candidates for such a scenario, and the models below will only be too glad to assist in any way to get them dead.

Small Soldiers

As part of my ongoing Imperial Guard project, I have finished some troopers from the Krablokistan 47th regiment. Those who have read more that one entry in this blog may be aware of a couple of batreps I've put up here chronicling the ups and downs of one of the Imperium's less illustrious  regiments. As my collection is not of this millennium it is mainly metal and mainly Catachan. I love the models but I'm trying to forge some sort of narrative of my own hence, the Krablokistan 47th. 


Your average 40K 8th edition sniper (not sure about 7th - never played it) has the ability to target enemy leaders willy nilly and what's more if the roll a 6 to wound a mortal wound is caused as well, regardless of whether the original wounding was saved or not. Well, I bought some sniper rifle armed models a while back and finally got round to finishing them. I had started them when Shadow Wars : Armageddon hit but I'm yet to play that. The original lying down sniper came on a square cavalry base so I opted for a home made hardboard base and it seems to do the job well enough.

Cropping the lower part of this picture would be good.

As you can see, the Catachan models are showing all possible sniper poses, standing kneeling and lying down. A pose for every eventuality. Of course the bloke lying down will be virtually invisible if he makes it onto the Inquisimunda table due to his reduced stature. But that's a 10 minute in game argument for another day.

The obligatory shooting off into the distance pose.

The curious among you might wonder why the snipers have red rags tied to their guns. This was in my head some fluff for the Krablokistanis. Once a trooper kills and enemy he gets the red bandanna of a veteran (or if not veteran - fairly experienced soldier). If you kill an enemy that has killed one of your squad mates you get the right to wear his bandanna as a sign of your own prowess and as a mark of respect as well. So I did this for the snipers (whom presumably had originally meant to have camo rags all over them), then the lying down sniper had to be done, and if I followed my own rule it would look like a big red tarpaulin draped over him so I left him green.

Action Man!

He has a tattoo you know. I ❤ To Kill. Love proved a bit difficult to paint on his shoulder.

Another Action Man.

Heavy Weapons Team

Mortars are fast becoming my new favourite thing in 40K. D6 hits that have no minimum range and I don't need to see the target to shoot at (and best of all, no negative modifiers to shoot invisible models). Ok ST4 is pretty good but no saving throw modifier isn't the greatest, but at 5 points a mortar, they are serious value for money! I decided to try to make these models look compatible with how current ones are so I made 60mm hardboard bases. Not wanting to fully give up on the chance to play these in older versions I magnetised the bases to the large mortar base, so either (or both models) can be removed to denote wounds or even just battlefield debris. 

Group shot.
I tattooed some of the models and they came out fairly well, but due to my woeful photography skills you can really tell. I also wrote cute little messages on the mortar shells to provide a more personalised experience for the enemies of the Imperium.

"Die Xenos, die!" is the message on this shell.

Simply "Bang".

"Kill On Impact" had to be shortened to "Kill On!" Damn my fat fingers!
So there you go, my latest collection of finishees. They're all headed off to the model paradise that is my painted model cabinet. Just a short trip to kill some Sororitas midweek then back for drinks at hotel bookcase.

Thanks For Reading.

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