Sunday, 2 July 2017

An Ork, Alien Proctologist, Chaos Thug, and Other Miscellaneous Models

New Camera, New Models

Hello again. Just a quick update of some finished (and some 98% finished) models. The new 40K is high on my agenda but I've finished some Necromunda/Inquisimunda type models. I have recently purchased a new camera so my experimenting with them could lead to some varied results. On with the show.

The Rusty Ork

This an  old space Ork Freebooter from the dawn of time. A Bad Mek or something like that. He was coming up to his 18th birthday on the painting table so I took pity on him and this is the result. I'm not ecstatic about his skin tone but as I'm not really a big Ork painting it'll do.

Ork Bad Mek Lost Gubbinz


Chaos Thug Leader

A fairly recent acquisition is this old as the hills Marauder Chaos Thug Leader. I removed his bow and arrow (everyone knows chaos doesn't shoot) and gave him half a shotgun sticking out the back. His career path is now 41st Millennium demagogue and general troublemaker. If enough people request it a bare buttock shot can be included in the next post!
Gingah Barebuttox 

 Scorcher - Hairy Goliath Ganger

An old dwarf head on this goliath ganger gives him a totally  new look. The pot helm looks a lot like a hat, so this guy looks a bit like a long term convict. I gave him hazard stripes on the head of his hammer as I'm doing that a lot lately.He's armed with a flamer so he could easily find his way onto the 40K battlefield too as a cultist or a neophyte genestealer. Or worse!

Steroids For The Imperium!

Rob The Preacher Man

A priest for my Imperial Guard and possibly my Inquisitor Cell too. Nice model, he's thrusting his religious icon into the faces of the ungodly, whilst sizing them up for a good beheading.  He gives Imperial troops around him (within 6" anyway) an extra attack so he should get some table time.

"In the name of peace, cut his head off!"


I managed to get a China Forge Jokaero and was totally unimpressed. Despite that, I painted him up as best I could and chalked up that experiment to experience.

"Right Mr Shaeffer bend over please."

Three Blokes Pretending To Be In Cars

I removed the heads of these Gorkamorka drivers and gunners and added head from the bits box. The out come was good enough, now all I have to do is paint their wheels, and they won't look like crackpots. Blue jeans are the order of the day, but to be honest most of them wont really be visible. All I really need to do now is magnetise some weapons and paint up some jalopies. 

Vroom! Vroom!
The wartrack driver got my last dwarf helmeted head. Just the horns on his helmet to fill in and some surgery. He's waiting for some rectal magnetising (as are the three above him) to get him on the table. Just relax and take a deep breath fella.

So that's all for this update. Any comments or criticism is welcome. And thanks for reading.

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