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Xenos Stranglers, an Insidious Evil & Camp Followers

More Gear Painted!

That's right some more models have moved from the unpainted part of my loft to the painted *bookcase. Following recent defeats anti armour is what my Imperial Guard army is lacking, so I have gone some way to alleviate that.

Xenos Stranglers

First up is my Cadian Heavy Bolter Squad. Heavy bolters are fairly cheap anti infantry guns that can harm vehicles too, not as good at it as Autocannons, but better that Mortars. One thing I will say for the designers (Perry twins I think) they know how to sculpt big scary hands. I imagine that the Heavy bolters buck like a traumatised Grox judging by the hugeness of the fists. They  must also come in handy when they're throttling Tau or the odd unsuspecting Grot. The models below are painted in my Krablokistan 47th colours. I like the feature of rolled up sleeves, it gives a certain I-don't-live-in-a-toxic-environment feel to the models.

Last years final of the Krablokistan Mental Trauma Caused by Xenos Interaction Imaginary Chimera Demolition Derby was a dead heat.

All three finalists were awarded Alien Filth Appreciation Chairs.
The loaders have more conventional sized hands. They are also a bit more modest as their sleeves are firmly Astra Militarum regulation length. Hoping these guys will be featuring in a battle report near you in the not too distant future, preferably on a temperate paradise planet with plenty of recreational  opportunities.

Their carers were awarded Alien Filth Appreciation Chairs power packs.

Trooper Noggins & Commissar Crush

Next up is Valhallan who got onto my painting table on his lonesome and Commissar Crush. The former is a meltagun operator so I am sure he will sneak his way onto the battlefield soon enough. Say what you like about meltaguns, they melt things, and they're guns. Also the commissar got finished as he was on my to finish list for a while now and he's armed with something that I really could have done with last game, a powerfist! There wouldn't have been half as many one wound Dreadnaughts wandering around stealing objectives if I'd had this bloke to smash it's face in! Ah well you live and learn.

Two anti-dreadnaught models for next time! Mwahahahahaha!

Tallarn Special Weapon Squads

Remember the painted up Valhallan in the above picture? I now recall why he wandered onto the painting table. As I only had two Tallarn meltas I was going to throw him into the unit making it five Tallarns and a **Valhallan. But then it would ruin the look of the unit so a meltangun was born onto my all time favourite Tallarn desert Fighter model. A big muzzle with heat vents(!?) in it and a length of vaccuum  cleaner hose attached to the little red canister at the front gives the appearance of another meltagun, with only an hours swearing. fiddling, and getting fingerprints on the muzzle because I'm a cacky fingered twat who can't let the greenstuff harden before I pick it up again! Despite that, Im very happy with how they all came out. I think they're great models with tons of character, and the red headscarf's came out pretty well.

Ready to melt the enemies of the Imperium's vehicles.

Hiss Baby, Hiss!

A Much Less Wholesome Chap

I managed to finish this Genestealer Magus for the army. Nice sculpt that is supposed to be whispering in the hearing organ of a Patriarch. Unfortunarely this will probably never happen as the Genestealer on the throne is one of those models I'd love to get, but it's unlikely due to crazeBay prices, He will though, whisper a lot to no one in particular in 'Stealer batreps coming to ***cinemas near you.

The Lord Baelish of the 41st Millenium.

Blind Beggar Adeptus Mechanicus

From Blind Beggar Miniatures comes this bounty hunter model, from the Outlanders kickstarter. I have yet to finish his tarpaulin covered quadruped animal but that's nice too. Originally I was going to paint him in desert hues to match the desert theme of the campaign but then thought he would make a very passable AdMech machine wrangler. I modified his hand into tendrils to interface with robots and computers private areas giving him full administrator privileges. He will be repairing Leman Russesfor many battle reports to come I bet.

"No one expects the Adeptus Mechanicus!"

The Camp Followers

I've also just finished a few fantasy noncoms that have been lurking on my painting table. This one is a woman holding a goose but as she is one of those people who make money by being in close proximity to squaddies,  you know a squaddie gooser. A lady of the night and poultry minder. She's mainly a plot device rather than a combatant but one less model to stare at me accusingly during the long winter nights .

Fancy a threesome luvvy?

The soldiery of Krablokistan have a well founded reputation for being mothered. And this camp follower reinforces the stereotype. Cretchin is a camp nag, she (?) wanders in and around the camp haranguing guardsmen for being untidy, not sending letters home to parents and fornicating too much. Always willing to help out with a genuine Krablokistan sweeping brush to assist 'good boys' in the regiment, breaking up fights and verbally abusing sergeants, the position of camp nag is a busy one and has been part of the Krablokistan military establishment for thousands of years. Of course, if certain senior officers wish to avail of more personal services, then a bargain can be struck.....

The model is actually a Black Tree Designs witch from the fantasy range. Quite a nice sculpt but the hands are a bit crap. the more models I paint the more I see the importance of hands on a model. too small, or big and it looks strange or worse, if a hand's thumb is on the wrong side it makes for some awkward questions in the genetic purity meetings that are becoming the new craze on Imperial planets.

Cretchin - Camp Nag
So that's all for this update, tune in next week (possibly) when I write up an Imperial battle against the forces of chaos. It seems the Ultramarines have forgiven Farg Woolstrop for his previous behavior and have allowed the 47th to join them killing heretics. Happy Days!

*A painted model bookcase is similar to an ordianary bookcase, only with far less books in it.
**Apparently this is a very popular sitcom on the Astra Militarum Sanctioned Video Channel.
***By cinema I mean PCs, laptops, tablets and phones. At least until I get my big break anyway.

Thanks for reading.

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