Thursday, 19 October 2017

Some Fishy Characters & An Eldar Chorus line

Some more models have been completed! As the Warhammer 40K train trundles along I'm making progress. As is unusual in the male dominated 41st millennium there are more female models painted this week than male. Some will be getting stuck in to 40k ASAP and the others will wend their way onto the gaming table via a more narrative route. So anyhow, bring out the lead!

Blind Beggar Fish People

I've been a fan of Blind Beggar Miniatures for a while now and I have finished some more from a couple of kickstarters. Immediately below is one from the Mother Hydra campaign - some amphibious aliens who have made contact with various people of Farpoint IIRC. First up in the Mother Hydra diplomat. A nice sculpt which I plan to use as an npc in my games and possibly a hugely powerful alien psyker to boot. I tried to make the waistcoat look like coral and experimented with citadel technical paint with the eyes and gemstones (at least that's what I thought they were) on the aforementioned piece of xenos apparel.

"In my culture glazed eyes are a sign of attentiveness".

Next is a virtually identical model from the Deep Ones kickstarter, a Call of Cthulu type deal that I bought into without any intention of playing that kind of game. These were bought as extras in any fish orientated dioramas I may or may not be planning. This particular model can be used as the above models wife (or husband), stunt double or valet. I'm even think of employing him as the proprietor of a mammal and chip shop that is undergoing construction.

"Salt and vinegar on your primate burger mate?"
 Next up is the technician for Mother Hydra and I think this model sold me on the range. If there's one thing I like it's a model who looks like he's not afraid of a bit of arguing. This model has union rep written all over him. I'm sure any industrial action or grievance procedures on the alien craft, this model is, if not the cause, a contributing factor.

"that's not my job mate"
 The next two models are Cthuluish deep ones but I painted them up as missionaries on a remote outpost where humans and xenos coexist on semi peaceful terms. The white and blue robes are supposed to denote peace and tolerance (something that is definitely lacking in the Imperium) and I'm pleased how they turned out. If I ever get round to it a missionary building might be a cool centrepiece for my games as lascivious imperial guardsmen attempt to pillage said outpost. 

Sister Mary Guppy

Sister Assumpta Squiddly

Eldar Howling Banshees

For a long time my favourite Eldar unit has been these ladies. After 20+ years of lying around my abode I finally got them finished. The craftworld I am intending to theme my army as is Ulthwé. Simply because I have an Eldrad Ulthan model and the colours are mainly black and therefore quick to paint. As Banshees are predominantly white I gave the loincloths and weapons a black and grey paintjob with a Nuln Oil wash after. Both the red and blue technical paints were applied to gemstones on their weapons and suits respectively.

Big Bad Bertha the Exarch

Sadly I only have two poses for my Banshees.

This is the other one.
So that's my sudden burst of creativity spent. I'm currently painting some Dire Avengers to accompany these ladies and as the Eldar Craftworld Codex will very soon be available, expect to see plenty more where this lot came from.

Thanks for reading!

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