Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Dramatis Personae - The Scargill Cleansing

To further mire myself in the narrative campaign that hasn't yet started, I thought I'd write some backstorys for my characters in the upcoming hostilities. Hopefully the characters below will only be the first of many fleshed out ideas that will come from the battles to be fought over the next few months.

Farg Woolstrop

Farg is the supreme commander of the Krablokistan 47th regiment. Although he is a loyal servant of the Imperium and a dedicated adherent to the Imperial Cult he has found himself at odds with both Rouboute Gullimann and Saint Celestine in the now infamous Mitigation of Hemmerdale campaign. The Mitigation was a particularly confusing conflict as the 47th found themselves fighting with and against Ultramarines on more than one occasion. The fact that he survived with enough of his army to be redeployed to Scargill is testament to both his tenacity and ability to blame others for his failures.  Woolstrop attires himself like an Imperial Commisar but does not come from such a background. He is actually a former gang fighter from the Krablokistani city of Paraquat where his viciousness and ambition drew him to the Astra Militarum and further up the regimental ladder. 

Farg Woolstrop (right) accompanied by a guardsman.

Gilprect Von Staab

Woolstrop's second in command is a no nonsense career killer who by virtue of a highly developed sense of survival and a callousness bordering on psychopathy has earned him many decorations and the fear and respect of his troops. His favoured approach to combat is with overwhelming firepower - amply displayed by his habit of entering combat with two bolters firing wildly through any engagement. His one vice is a mild addiction to oddleaf cigars which some say cause some of his violent outbursts. A keen xenophobe his delight in the destruction of alien civilisations makes him a valued ally of Woolstrop himself.

Gilprect Von Staab

Shilum Drool - Astropath

Drool was a well respected Astropath on Hive Primus, Necromunda when a scandal involving a den of iniquity in the lower hive led him to exile in Krablokistan. In an attempt to make amends for his previous wrongdoings he volunteered to be Farg Woolstrop's personal assistant and has since proved invaluable saving his commanders life on several occasions.
Shilum Drool wanders around his sensory deprivation vestibule.

Well that's all my characters in the first battle that will be taking place this Wednesday.  Hopefully I can convince Dylan to do something similar with his filthy xenos!

Until then, happy gaming and thanks for reading.

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