Sunday, 28 January 2018

Something Big Is In the Process Of Happening.

As I alluded to in my previous post, myself and Dylan are embarking on a campaign. To me the campaign is the epitome of war-gaming so I'm pretty stoked. It's going to be set on an as yet unnamed Imperial planet. The combatants are Astra Militarum (probably the Krablokistan 47th) and the Orks of Waaagh Gitsmasha. Dylan is providing the fluff and I will write updates as I am able. Hopefully the campaign will be similar to the Andy Chambers narrative campaign from the 90's White Dwarfs which I will try to dig out to get a better feel for that sort of thing.

I'm hoping that the campaign will be an excuse to paint up/model weird stuff that can be used to denote key personnel and locations. Currently high on the agenda is my Mantic Landing Pad that should see a lot of action and my Roughriders, although they are technically not a thing any more, my gaming group is pretty relaxed so they should be allowed (they're not particularly good either so that should also help).

So I just got some blurb from Dylan so to show it off on here as a prequel to the opening of hostilities here is some words:

'The Scargill Cleansing'


Astra Militarum: Krablokistan 47th 

Orks: Waaagh Gitsmasha 

+++ Incoming astral message/ Origin: Planet Scargill (Mining World – Tithe grade Secundus)+++
++++++To any Imperial forces in range of this transmit, Ork system incursion------------ rgent assistanc---------- Roks sighted, more than a--------ships an+++++++++++++++++++

Transmission lost – astropathic node no longer sending.

++++++Give unto the Emperor his due, suffer not the xenos to taint His lands++++++

Lord Commander Woolstrop,

By order of Grand Lord Utregrand, in compliance with HIS will, the Krablokistan regiment, benighted in HIS glorious name, are tasked with reinforcing the Imperial elements on Scargil ahead of the imminent Ork invasion of the planet, and ensuring its abundant mining facilities are secure from any and all threats to HIS tithes and taxes.  To this end, the Departmento Munitorum (henceforth referred to as The Department) has tasked your force with ultimate control of military actions in the aforementioned warzone and its surrounding space [note:  this control does not extend to Astartes/Inquisitorial/Mechanicum/Titanicus or any other Imperial assets that may or may not be in the field], furthermore, a drop in mining productions, during what will most certainly be a minor skirmish with inferior Xenos elements, may not exceed a factor above .0034%.

The order is given: Cleanse and Hold

++To Obey is its own reward++

Having bravely defended the Imperium in several vicious campaigns the brave men and women of the Krablokistan 47th have risen to this new challenge.  The “Scargil Cleansing” as it has become known, will surely bring yet more battle honours to this storied regiment.  The main Ork force is still some months from reaching the inner reaches of the Scargil sector and the rich mining planet of Scargil itself. Skirmishes and minor engagements are taking place on many of the outlying planets and outposts as advance elements of a massive Ork Waaaagh bare down on Scargil.

In this first battle, a small Krablokistan force are trying to secure a vital resupply corridor for the coming conflict, before linking up with the main army. Ever eager for battle an advance scouting force of Orks are trying to cut them off, and seize the corridor for themselves.

·         Both sides will choose an army to an agreed points limit not larger than 1500 points.
·         Play the No Mercy Eternal War mission with the Hammer & Anvil deployment map.

The winner of this battle will have a strategic advantage in the coming war, and will be able to call upon a 500 point Patrol Detachment to add to one future battle of their choice during the Foothold phase of the campaign.

He has even expanded my barebones location into something with some more depth by creating some other planets/systems to smash up/protect.

For those who have avidly devoured every shred of prose on this blog will know, Scargill is an Imperial planet that had a slight Necron problem in 2016.  The problem was never adequately resolved. This was in part because myself and Stuart never got round to playing a battle between my imperial guard and his Necrons. Kinnock a settlement on Scargill currently has a semi active Monolith surrounded by PDF observing whilst waiting for further orders. This is obviously an awkward situation. Well, now it's going to have an Ork Waaargh to further complicate matters!

So that is what is going to begin on Wednesday so hopefully I will have plenty of pics and sentences to add to this very blog!

Until then believe in The Emperor,  and thanks for reading.

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