Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Moonkillers Plus Psychic Support

Greetings. Quite a while back, whilst I was playing Inquisimunda I decided to create an Eldar pirate band to  terrorise the galaxy with. I had for a long time been a keen Eldar collector (can't really say player as I only had a couple of games of 40K) and kept promising myself I'd stop buying models and paint up what I had. I converted* some Eldar Guardian models and hey presto! I had a warband. That was about 2 years ago and now the new 40K is here I have a renewed interest in painting. As regular readers of this blog might recall I've gotten a fair bit done (by my standards anyway) for my Astra Militarum. Then I discovered the three GW technical paints (Waystone Green, Spiritstone Red and Soulstone Blue) and my previous disinterest in painting Eldar was gone! So during a recent bought of snow I managed to get a lot of work done to these (and other) models. So without much more prattle here are my painted up preciouses;

The Moonkillers

The Moonkiller pirate band are originally from Ulthwe craftworld and found the constant wearing of black enough of a spur to make them seek excitement and alternative clothing elsewhere. They first came on to Imperial radar after they virtually wiped out an Imperial kill team deep in the bowels of Necromunda's Hive Primus (Slag Valley Bullett 9). A further attack on a Rogue Trader crew (Slag Valley Bullett 12) got them a mention in the Imperial Execution Dataslate Top 500 Most Hated. They were set to wantonly kill and maim until in an unfortunate hostage exchange following a skirmish the Moonkillers were forced to forswear vengeance on the crew of the Folkvangr for a period of 37 years. For a fuller explanation click here. Needless to say Antikos Karios leader of the Moonkillers - coincidentally having the same name as an old 20th century fictional character from a heroic fantasy adventure novel - had to curtail his misadventures in that sector. A skirmish with some humans from a wealthy Noble family saw his navigator dead and his ambitions in ruins. Subsequently the Moonkillers returned to Ulthwe to rejoin the ranks of guardians due to several maiden worlds from various alien invaders. So that's the story, here are the models;

Three Moonkillers, the one in the middle is wearing a piece of armour resembling a pair of tanga briefs. Whoever thought this was a good look for a race already blessed with a reputation for being effeminate was wrong. Unless it was a dwarf fan determined to reinforce the stereotype.

Three proper old skool miniatures, back in the days when a model could have a shouldered shuriken catapult and a sword and a pistol. No mention of being encumbered here! I had painted two of the left and centre model but as I had not bothered to make either any different to these ones they failed to get into the post.

Here are three leaders from the Moonkillers, my favourite is the one in the centre with the demonic mask on his helmet. The one on the left looks like he could be an Autarch for my army or an illogically attired Dire Avenger. The chap on the right looks like has lost a few fights.

Some more old models, the two at the ends are the same models but for a sense of completeness I put them both here.

The model on the left has some Dark Eldar arms whereas the other two are the crew of a proper old D-Cannon. The can also be used as alien estate agents with their no lethal looking equipment.

Finally another artillery operator who looks like he could be an Eldar DJ with a large headphone type thing and a button operated mixing remote control.

Ulthwe Interferers In Other Races Business

Also lurking around in a few recent batreps are these two models. A Farseer and a Warlock. Both were done in Ulthwe colours unlike those pretentious Moonkillers above, so dour, quick to finish paint jobs. I haven't varnished any of these models yet so there still may be some last ditch embellishments to follow.

Following a tiff, this Seer Council won't even acknowledge each other.  

Eldrad Ulthran Interferer Supreme

Finally here's Eldrad Ulthran. I bought him way back in the day when he was a tough old fart of a Farseer. IIRC toughness 5 and move of 4. I couldn't be bothered to paint him until now. A splash of varnish and he can be annoying the hell out of enemies of the Aeldari race for many batreps in the future. 
Metal models are best. Just don't drop them.

Finally the family get together picture.
So there you have it 21 models have been allocated new digs in the painted miniatures bookcase/display cabinet. This year is really shaping up to being one of my most productive yet. Not sure what is going to be finished next but I have a few more to finish out the Moonkillers to an even 20 with some heavy weapons for flexibility. The Roughriders are also calling, as is my two Hellhound conversions. To be honest. I really haven't got a clue.

*By converting, I mean put Dark Eldar arms on Eldar Guardians that come with seperate arms so converting is used in it's most lazy form.

Thanks for reading.

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