Thursday, 15 March 2018

Landing area 98

Just a quick post. Recently I finished the Mantic scenery below and thought I'd show it off. I bought a large box of Mantic  scenery about a year and a half ago and I'm only just getting round to finishing my first piece! It will fit in well with my ever increasing collection of things to clutter up my garage/loft. 

Landing area 98. It will use the same rules as the Skyshield Landing Pad only for a fraction of the cost!

Landing area 98 is the name of this terrain piece (for the sake of simplicity, it is the brand name of this type of landing pad as I'm sure it will be seen on many different Imperial planets). Cheaper than the Skyshield Landing Pad but more expensive than the Happy Guardsman Drop Hole®, this model is popular with Planetary Governors with large tithes to fulfill but also want somewhere their private shuttles can land in peace. Landing Area 98 was voted most cost efficient utility lander in What Governor's Orbital Dataslate - an interplanetary publication for those in power. 

It's free standing so it can fit into a vast array of terrain boards. I even feel like getting a sea gaming mat to use this to recreate the scene in Attack of the Clones.

Fabius Bile likes it. But he failed to read the warning sign.
The more observant of you may have noticed the two square holes in the top of the landing pad.There are separate panels that cover them in the guise of fans. They give me the option of aircon landing pad or nonaircon. Hopefully this very terrain piece will feature in the Scargill Cleansing campaign soon. I left one section without a barrier as it will form part of a raised walkway using more Mantic modular pieces. The landing pad has plenty of hazard markings as per the Adeptus Administratum health and safety directives. Anyway hopefully some more to come soon(ish).

Thanks for reading.

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