Sunday, 19 May 2019

My moldlines brings all the boys to the yard!

 Howdy. My rather lackluster painting progress has finally improved! Yes, I've managed to get a few off my to do list. So here's what I done;  

 Brood Brothers
My Genestealers have been bolstered by some rather ancient Imperial Guard models. A purplish tint to the skin and some dull clothes denotes these are members of The Drabb Butchers - the name of my cult that are an offshoot of The Innerwyrm Cult, hailing from an abattoir world. You will probably notice there is a trooper pointing forward with a 33% arm addition. This is trooper Urkk, he normally tucks an extra arm under his uniform but he just got  bit excited in this picture. 

Ready and willing to throw themselves in front of a character at the slightest whiff of danger.

Delaque Juve

Ready and willing to join my 'will-it-ever-be-finished-probably-not' Delaque gang, this juve has been given a chain to hit enemies with until he makes it up the ranks to become a fully fledged ganger. Then he will likely put aside such foolish fripperies as close combat weapons for a good old fashioned basic weapon, like an autogun or shotgun.

No caption needed, the uncommonly bleached image is a testament to my laziness and the fact my models are in the loft and I can't be bothered to retake the picture..

 Alien Hornist

From Blind Beggar comes this chap, a rather thuggish looking alien tube blower-intoer. As I gave all the previous band members names and some background, here is this ones; Sslumssnic Knicktovag is the greatest living Semi Extruded Gallopeon Tapeworm player in the Sluggo Nebulae. This parasitic organism when partially removed from the intestine can make an altogether not unpleasant sound to most semi aquatic lifeforms. It can also weaponize the hosts stomach acid when threatened. The intergalactic ensemble play lounge music to the rich and famous and can be seen here. All I need to do is paint the singer and some Rogue Trader type scenarios will start writing themselves.

Blarrp blarrp blarppmmm!

*plays theme from Coronation Street*

 Tax Collectors Assistant

Quite a while ago I painted up a Blind Beggar tax collector. Another kickstarter added some more interesting models including this one, an assistant for said taxes being collected. I have a couple more similar to this one and hopefully more Rogue Trader scenarios will write themselves around the acquisition of wealth and possible bootlegging in the age of strife.  

Imperial Tax collection directive #432 ;all collectors trousers to be regulation length. Turning up trousers is permitted during collect and terminate duties.  

Guy with A Camcorder

This is an old miniature with what looks like a rather bulky camcorder. Evidently in 40,000ish years this is as small as they can get. The STC files were corrupted irrevocably when it comes to small recording devices. Ah well, he can be used for a scenario involving a news team shadowing some Astra Militarum during a battle.

 Karloth Valois

This model was started some 20+ years ago but I could never get enthusiastic about the dark blue and purple colour scheme I started on him. About a year ago I decided to paint him up as an Primaris Psyker for my Astra Militarum force and I got my paint on. This really is one of my favourite models from the early days of Necromunda and hopefully I can finally get some use out of him as I'm very happy how he came out.

Karloth Valois - the devil himself!

Rather weird cosplay group.

Group photo.
So there you have it, 15 models are now more coloured in that when I purchased them. All vying for their opportunity to impress me on the battlefield. They may even impress others to, but that remains to be seen.

Thanks for reading.


The Composer said...

Well done! :) Hard to argue with Imperial troopers finding the truth through Hexatheogenesis. Lovely stuff. And it's nice to see Juggenfloot on tour.

Jason F said...

Imperial trooper with a mauve tint to their skin are very persuasive. Glad you like them.