Thursday, 20 June 2019

Androgynous Scouting Party

Salutations. After a lot of life type distractions I have finished some more models. As the last few games I've played were all Genestealer Cults orientated, I naturally finished up some Eldar.  Here's the blurb....

Scouts of Ulthwe

So as I've gone with Ulthwe as my craftworld of choice I needed to get some troop slots filled in. I used some black primer some grey drybrushing and some sepia ink for the white weapons. One of my faster turnarounds. Of course I had to emphasise something so I thought the luxurious leather knee length boots would give these guys the impression of rugged outdoorsie types who like to kick back in alien S & M clubs at the weekend. It's been a real culture change for me not to drybrush ALL weapons silver but as the fluff says; Eldar weapons are plastic, so they should look it.

The central model with the sword is now completely obsolete but an absolutely cracking model. He can of course double up as the Alaitoc sniper character if I ever decide to piss all over my gaming principles and go for a more competitive army.

The scout on the left is particularly well endowed. A miscast rifle barrel on the model made it's way into my loose lead order and I never threw it out. some years later, a dremel, brass rod and the tip of a plastic Eldar lasgun coalesced into the magnificent Aeldari weapon you see before you.

The final five models are much the same as the rest but for a sense of completeness are depicted here, the only thing to note about Eldar scouts is they really like to kneel down when they shoot.  

It was only when I painted up these guys that I realised what nice sculpts they are. Plenty of folds in the robes and almost expressive helmets. What is also very cool about them is they have very interesting poses. They also fill out my Kill Team, unless I decide to beggar myself getting a few other expansions for it. So another 14 furtive types have joined the Continental Drift Painting family and will hopefully be featured in a batrep in the near future.

Thanks for reading.


Phil Curran said...

Proper Old School Space Elves. Love them !

Jason F said...

Thanks very much Phil. I'm pretty pleased with how they came out.

Dr Mathias said...

The brown, black, and bone colors work really well together. Very cool!

Jason F said...

Cheers Dr Mathias, I'm glad you like them.