Sergeants Barker Punches a Primaris Marine in the face

Somewhere in the 41st Millenium;

+ + + Attention of Porfectus Von Neestleroi, Supreme Commander Hemmerdale + + +

+ + + Subject; Engagement With Asstral Spectres Debriefing + + +

+ + + Secondary Subject; Commander Lope Koodos' Disciplinary Revue + + +

Porfectus Von Neestleroi, as per fratricidal fire protocols here is my report regarding the skirmish between part of the Scargill Planetary Relief Force and sections of the Asstral Spectres Chapter. As previously documented our primary mission is to reinforce Scargill but unfortunately when our fleet exited warpspace instead of arriving close to our intended destination we were still some 60 light years away. This was when we received a distress vox from the planet Purgamentum Minor in the Spumae system. A message was received from Planetary Governor Pudendorum to send a rescue force to engage a large well armed force of void pirates who were currently occupying the inside of the Governor's Palace. As regulations stipulate formal requests for assistance carry large bonuses I sent a force down to eradicate the pirates. As we entered the ruins of the Palace it became clear that the enemy were actually Primaris Marines of the Asstral Spectres. The motivation for the Astartes besieging of the palace is unclear but as soon as they saw us they formed up into combat formation and opened fire.

As is Krablokistan custom a portrait of the relief force is captured and later presented to the Governor.

Having accessed remote cams and surviving officers notes I have formed the enemy's force to be the following; 

Asstral Spectres

Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Ultramarines) [103 PL, 8CP, 1,736pts] 
*Chapter Selection*: Bolter Fusillades, Long-range Marksmen
Battle-forged CP [3CP]
Detachment CP [5CP]
Primaris Captain  Champion of Humanity, Warlord. Plasma Pistol and Power Fist: Plasma pistol, Power fist
Primaris Librarian: 1) Veil of Time, 4) Psychic Scourge, Force sword
Primaris Lieutenants. Primaris Lieutenant: Bellicos Bolt Rifle, Master-crafted auto bolt rifle
Intercessor Squad: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt rifle. 9x Intercessor: 9x Bolt pistol, 9x Frag & Krak grenades. Intercessor Sergeant: Chainsword
Intercessor Squad : Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt rifle. 9x Intercessor: 9x Bolt pistol, 9x Frag & Krak grenades. Intercessor Sergeant: Thunder hammer
Intercessor Squad : Auto Bolt Rifle, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher. 5x Intercessor: 5x Bolt pistol, 5x Frag & Krak grenades. Intercessor Sergeant: Thunder hammer
Primaris Ancient 
Redemptor Dreadnought : 2x Storm Bolters, Icarus Rocket Pod, Macro Plasma Incinerator, Onslaught Gatling Cannon
Reiver Squad: Combat knife, Grav Chutes. 9x Reiver: 9x Frag & Krak grenades, 9x Heavy Bolt Pistol, 9x Shock Grenades. Reiver Sergeant: Combat knife, Heavy Bolt Pistol
Fast Attack;
Inceptor Squad: Assault bolter x2, 3x Inceptor, Inceptor Sergeant
Inceptor Squad : Assault bolter x2, 3x Inceptor, Inceptor Sergeant
Heavy Support;
Eliminator Squad . Eliminator Sergeant: Bolt sniper rifle, Camo cloak. 2x Eliminator with Bolt Sniper: 2x Bolt pistol, 2x Bolt sniper rifle, 2x Camo cloak, 2x Frag & Krak grenades
Predator: Hunter-killer missile, Storm bolter, Twin lascannon, Two Lascannons
Total: [103 PL, 8CP, 1,736pts]

The force I had at my disposal to remove the 'pirates' are below. Note that any comments in italics are those of myself  Farg Woolstrop. Commabder Shivchenko's account follows.

Krablokistan 47th

Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [99 PL, -1CP, 1,749pts]
Regimental Doctrine: Regiment: Catachan
Imperial Commander's Armoury [-1CP]: 1 additional Heirloom of Conquest
Company Commander Litmanoj Shivchenko : Chainsword, Plasma pistol, Relic: The Laurels of Command, Warlord, WT: Grand Strategist
Company Commander  Volka Plasma pistol, Power sword, Relic (Catachan): Mamorth Tuskblade
Tank Commander Jlas: Augur array, Hunter-Killer Missile, Lascannon, Plasma Cannons, Storm Bolter, Turret-mounted Demolisher Siege Cannon
Troops ;
Infantry Squad Alpha. 9x Guardsman: 9x Lasgun. Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Chainsword
Infantry Squad Beta . 9x Guardsman: 9x Lasgun. Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Chainsword
Infantry Squad Ceta. 7x Guardsman: 7x Lasgun. Guardsman W/ Special Weapon: Flamer. Guardsman w/ Vox-caster: Vox-caster. Sergeant: Bolt pistol
Master of Ordnance Combio Ponk
Platoon Commander Lope Koodos: Plasma pistol, Power sword
 10x Ratling: 
Sergeant Harker 
Veteran squad Delta . Veteran Sergeant Bloke: Chainsword, Plasma pistol, 3x Plasmaguns, Vox-caster. 5x Veteran w/ Lasgun: 5x Lasgun
Veteran squad Epsilon. Veteran Sergeant Basterd: Chainsword, Plasma pistol. Veteran W/ Heavy Flamer: Heavy flamer. 4x Veteran w/ Shotgun: 4x Shotgun, 3x Meltaguns,Vox-caster
Fast Attack;
2x  Hellhound: Heavy Flamer, Storm Bolter, Track guards, Turret-mounted Inferno Cannon
Heavy Support;
Basilisk Gabriel's Song: Augur array, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Stubber
Heavy Weapons Squad Kappa 3 x Autocannon
2 x Leman Russ Battle Tanks: Augur array, Battle Cannon, Hunter-Killer Missile, Lascannon, Plasma Cannons, Storm Bolter
Dedicated Transport;
2 x Chimera : Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer, Storm Bolter, Track guards
Total: [99 PL, -1CP, 1,749pts]

Company Commander Litmanoj Shivchenko's Account

Our mission was to establish a beach head into the Primaris lines without conceding ground to them. To do this I thought advancing with veterans against the enemy using Leman Russ and Basilisk covering fire was prudent. The two Hellhounds were also sent forth to dissuade infantry assaults. It was discovered shortly after the initial opening salvos that platoon commander Lope Koodos was not deployed in the Chimera with squad Delta but rather "awaiting orders" with squad Alpha. Another version of events could be he was "having a smoke" in the partially damaged confectionarium and "forgot the time". In either event squad Epsilon have to advance without the assurance of an experienced officer to supervise then and ensure they did not overcharge their plasma weaponry. By the time word came through on the vox the vehicles were already moving and redeployment was impossible.

Standard Imperium Tactica deployment, Hellhounds, Leman Russ, Infantry Squad Ceta, Commander Shivchenko, Squad Kappa, Veteran Squad delta, Corporal Bunfinger and his Ratling Sharpshooter squad is deployed in the watchtower on the right. 

On the western side of the battlefield, Infantry squad Alpha, Basilisk. Veteran squad Epsilon in transport with commander Volka, infantry squad Beta, Leman Russ tank commander Jlas and sergeant Harker.

The enemy force had taken up good firing locations with plenty of cover so our initial salvos were limited to eradicating some snipers in a forward position and a combat squad of what later turned out to be Intercessors. The rebel Astartes return fire took a heavy toll on squad Alpha and squad Kappa ceased to be valid battlefield assets at that time. The renegades were using some sort of augmented ammunition that seemed to penetrate the armour of our vehicles with ease.

Enemy forces spotted were Intercessors, a Predator, Contemptor Dreadnaught and Eliminators. It is thought that the company Ancient & Captain  were situated nearby.

The large dwelling contained more Intercessors and what was later discovered to be a Librarian, eastwards in the tower were more Intercessors and Lieutenant.

Advancing the Hellhounds was an attempt to flush out any lurking infiltrators. Sustained tank and artillery fire neutralised the Eliminators and a combat squad of Intercessors.

Commander Shivchenko has been trialing the new Adeptus Mechanicus battle Precoginator©. It estimates current battle effectiveness and possible strategic assets and how their bearing may affect the outcome of the battle.

Both Hellhounds took heavy fire from the Astartes.

The enemy then advanced on the central plaza with the Redemptor Dreadnaught and an outdated Predator tank. Both vehicles were rendered ineffective due to the accuracy of our own tank assets. The gunner of Leman Russ #KRBLK71479 has been commended for his efficacy by "one shotting" the Predator and as a result have been given permission to apply for form #AM57843 to officially recognise the machine spirit within the tank by having a AdMech  representative officially graduation ceremony and naming party.

As did squad Alpha, of note is Platoon Commander Lope Koodos, whom was supposed to be leading squad Delta on the eastern side of the battlefield. The subsequent disciplinary action is pending.

Infantry squad Beta guards our forward command post (situated in the crater to the west of the Leman Russ).

Infantry Squad Ceta use battlefield craters to protect themselves from the confusing nature of the enemy. Had the Asstral Spectres been more conventional foes I'm sure they would have been gladly racing towards the enemy bayonets out!

Veteran Squad Delta advance without the steadying command of commander Koodos. Corporal Bunfinger later reported that the Chimera was 'steering like a drunk Grox handler' and 'none too fast either'. He also witnessed the demise of squad Kappa and stating that 'it was messier than an Ogryn eating soup with a hammer'.

Without adequate supervision veteran squad Delta entered a building to enter into exchange with some Intercessors accompanied by a Lieutenant. sadly the greater stopping power of the enemies weaponry caused more casualties then we inflicted.

The Precoginator© states that the in early stages of the battle both sides are evenly matched. Shivchenko has stated that his Chronostatuator suggested the central number should read two, but due to shoddy AdMech quality control it is only showing one. Perhaps a sternly wording letter to the Forge World that manufactured the device is in order.

As the conflict progressed our tank resources posed problems for the Astartes as their main anti tank  units were neutralised. They were though very capable of causing damage as their Librarian caused large scale damage on the Hellhounds. The conflict seemed to be progressing very well until several units of Intercessors and  Inceptors deployed from heavily concealed positions. As my command contained no Psykers I'm sure the Librarian clouded the machine spirits of the auspex equipment at hand. They proceeded to enfilade squad Ceta rendering them non combative. Their steadfast resolution is to be commended as is their willingness to die for the Emperor and by extension myself.

The Hellhound was destroyed by foul witchcraft. 

Inexplicably two combat squads of Intercessors and an Inceptor squad arrive from hiding. It is thought that infantry squad Ceta were derelict in their duty. Rather than form a straight indomitable line to reduce enemy encroachment they sought refuge in a foxhole allowing enemy fighters to approach with impunity. Note to self: ascertain is any survivors from Ceta exist, then flog them.

Another combat squad of Inceptors arrive the far side of the tenement building.

The same squad can be seen as can two squads of Intercessorss. 

Infantry squad Ceta were shot down to a man. Leaving commander Shivchenko no nearby troopers to command. As this was unacceptable infantry squad Beta was summoned to his side. Note to self: Ensure correct notification of minor martyrdom via hostile allied forces form is completed by commander Shivchenko.

As my position was being assailed on three sides by enemy units squads Beta and Delta were ordered to provide support, as was sergeant Barker and platoon commander Lope Koodos. Master of Ordnance Combio Ponk was then detailed to hold our forward command centre. Veteran squad Epsilon was then ordered to engage a combat squad of infiltrating Inceptors. Squad delta returned to our lines to bolster the centre and engage the Intercessors. The Leman Russ took a heavy toll of the infitrators around our position, killing all but two Inceptors.

A testament to the respect Primaris marines have for Astra Militarum officers. A squad of Inceptors and two  Intercessor squads were deployed to deal with this threat. Of course, three Leman Russ in the vicinity were probably after thoughts that needed attention as well.

After some disciplined fire both squads of Intercessors are gone as are 2 Inceptors. Posthumous bravery merits will be sent to veteran squad Delta's mess hall.

The dedicated transport for veteran squad Epsilon showed bravery if somewhat ill advised eagerness to engage the second Inceptor squad.

The enemy Librarian was taken out of action by the Ratling Sharpshooters. Veteran squad Delta and commander Volka's Chimera attempted to strike the enemy fighters but without a large bucket-like type attachment on the front to catch enemies off guard, they easily avoided damage. To add insult to injury they retreated forward to contest the central plaza. As did the chapter standard bearer and  Captain. The squad of Intercessors who were guarded the marines forward command post assaulted the Chimera with our men still inside it. The two Inceptors assaulted the Leman Russ guarding our rear and it's defensive fire killed one. Sergeant Barker leapt to the aid of the tank crew and by his own admission "smashed the f****r in the gob, sending him reeling!".

Infantry squad Beta secure the central area of the battlefield and is joined by Shevchenko. Corporal Bunfinger and his sharpshooters eliminate the Astartes Librarian.

Both depleted squads of Inceptors attempt to drive off infantry squad Beta from the objective. Veteran squad Delta's Chimera is also diverted to engage the Inceptors.

The transport containing veteran squad Epsilon and commander Volka are approached by the Intercessors holding their home base.

In an act of desperation the last remaining Inceptor of his squad assaults the Leman Russ, in an act of sheer heroism sergeant Barker (who incidentally is not wearing his regulation uniform due to prior engagement at the charity fancy dress captive heretic shoot)  jumps to the aid of the tank crew.

The Inceptor squad retreats and a squad of Intercessors assault 

The Inceptors capture the centre of the battlefield.

The entire engagement was breaking up into smaller skirmishes. Epsilon's Chimera was destroyed and the survivors killed the Intercessors in return. All the remaining Inceptors were killed by our armoured assets as were the Intercessors on both flanks. The Primaris Captain made a last ditch effort to claim the centre only to be shot down by our forces. As far as can be ascertained a single Primaris Lieutenant escaped the field. My biggest regret of the battle was the survival of Lope Koodos. His inability to stay with the unit he was assigned to cost probably 10 or more veteran lives. I also have to fill in form #AM324576 ; Disciplinary Action In A Combat Zone For Miscellaneous Reasons. Of particular note was Tank Commander Vlas whom led from the front and never shirked from an one to one gunfight with the Astartes commander. 
Having destroyed their transport veteran squad Epsilon climb from the wreckage to seek revenge.

Sergeant Barker continues to battle the Inceptor.

The Precoginator© is registering a swing towards the Astartes. Another feature of the  Precoginator© is it's holographic images of casualties around it. Serveral logistics staff have registered complaints to HR to have this feature disabled. As yet the feature remains.

The final transport is destroyed by Inceptor fire and the Captain.

The Precoginator©️ now shows that with Astartes assets dwindling a swing towards our force is inevitable.

Commander Shevchenko had the choice of assaulting the Primaris Captain in glorious hand to hand combat but chose to give the honours to tank commander Jlas whom rendered him ineffective with a pinpoint Demolisher cannon shelling.

The remaining members of the 'pirate' relief force shortly before they submitted their expenses to Governor Pudendorum. The single surviving Asstral Spectre Lieutenant escaped the battlefield and it is assumed Planetary Defence Forces with apprehend said fugitive for questioning. 

Tactical Learnings

The tactics shown by commander Shivchenko were sound and his utilisation  of assets was admirable. Bar one disciplinary issue with an errant platoon commander (court martial pending) the soldiers of the Krablokistan 47th acquitted themselves well despite the conflicting nature of the enemy. The Astartes who appear to be from a lesser known Chapter called The Asstral Spectres were very capable fighters that appeared to have armour piercing long range bolt weaponry. Their motivations for the attack on Purgamentum Minor are still unclear and once all relevant paperwork is completed the army is heading on towards Scargill. 
Farg Woolstrop


Back in 2020.....

That was a fun if somewhat brutal result for the game. I brought tanks, Dylan, my opponent not so much. The game was beachhead and with three objectives all scoring different VPs it makes for an interesting game. Dylan's Chapter tactics were pretty nasty and made shite of a lot of my transports. His main anti tank asset - the Predator was taken out by a flukey Leman Russ battlecannon that I think caused 11 hits that in turn blew it off the table in short order. I very nearly came unstuck when all the infiltrators showed up, I huddled the guardsmen in a crater which left an exploitable gap in my backfield. Luckily only one Inceptor made it into combat at the rear. My veterans with meltas did their job well but because of a total brainfart in my deployment the platoon commander who was supposed to be in the Chimera alongside the Plasmagun vets, wasn't and did very little all game except maybe hand out the "smoke 'em if you've got 'em" order. He will be court martialed.  Although not mentioned in the report the Master of Ordnance was fairly good (although I think an Astropath would have been better), as was the Basilisk. The Leman Russ were once again stars as they hardly took any damage and dished out plenty. So it's thanks to Dylan for a good game and back to painting up my Valkerie.

Thanks for Reading.


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