Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hellpit Abomination & Chaos Spawn WIP


Just thought I'd put up a couple of pictures of my Hellpit Abomination & Chaos Spawn conversions for your amusement.

Ermintrude the Abomination is a wire framed nightmare of green stuff and bits from my bits box. I vowed to myself not to cave and buy an Abomb so I decided to make my own (thus saving €57). So far all she's cost me is €13 for green stuff and probably 5 hours of blood, sweat and invocations to the Horned Rat! It's coming along nicely. The observant will notice the plastic Tyranid legs and the back end of an old Ork warbike. It's covered, sort of with patches of fur and assorted boils, warts, sores and carbuncles. Id hope to get her finished by the end of the year.  
Ermintrude the Abomb

the other side of Ermintrude

My chaos spawn is a 20 year work in progress which is gradually coming to an end with my newfound competence with modelling. It wasn't actually started by me but my nephew who chopped up two metal centaurs, added two halves of a plastic warhouse to get the body of this many hooved monstrosity. Features on this model include : two huge tongues , tentacles, hairy appendages, many teeth & a puckered starfish. Another 1-2 hours and this will also be ready for painting.
The nine legged terror of chaos

Those ball like objects are eyes


DeanM said...

Impressive work; Looks like you've been having fun with Green Stuff!

Chickenbane said...

Thanks. It is rather enjoyable messing around with it.