Monday, 16 December 2013

Painted up for Christmas!

The glacial pace of my painting continues unabated but I have something to offer today. As I've noted before, I paint more when I'm playing so I've gotten, if not a shitload, a definite shitlittle of figures finished.

First up are a unit of wood Elf archers, not sure if it's the figures or the gradual deterioration of my eyesight but those eyes were hellishly hard to do.
Squinty eyed wood Elf archers

This figure comes from my undercoated for more than a decade pile. She (?) will be going into my Empire army to create the impression that some armies in the Warhammer world are equal opportunities employers. Is it me or does she look like Wallace in drag?

Huge Helga

This is a Black Tree designs halfling and like so many of my figures has spent a long time dormant, waiting for some paint love. I quite like this model although if you look at the base of his bow you will see a tiny skull. This has, in my opinion given the model a very sinister appearance as it is too small for even a human baby skull, so it has to be a baby halfling skull. As it is casually discarded at the foot of the archer, I can only surmise that this model is actually a halfling serial killer, and therefore not fighting for the forces of order, but rather a sadistic murderous evil little guy eaten up by hate and height issues. Not a very nice chap at all.
Rob the Halfling Hood

As part of my Chaos army these very old hounds add some very much needed chaff for opponents arrows to collect keeping my Chaos Warriors intact just before they rend the opposition limb from limb.

Raargh! Chaos hounds
 Finally, here is my Wood Elf hero on his Great Eagle of Doom. This is one of my first picks when writing an army list as his mobility and all round fighting ability has pulled quite a few victories from the jaws of defeat.

Death from the skies

 So there you have it. My army(s) have expanded by 19 painted models whilst my unpainted pile has decreased by the same amount. Time for a congratulatory biscuit I think.


Baconfat said...

I love seeing some of those older models. I've never had the patience to paint the old white plastic models from those old boxes from whence those elves came.

You need to allow followers.

Chickenbane said...

Thanks for the comment. As far as I know I do allow followers.