Thursday, 16 June 2016

Raiding Slazengers Warehouse

Due to a rather confusing set of circumstances,1 Jenna's Jokers (a law abiding Inquisition Cell) have been hoodwinked into performing a Heist scenario where The Ambull Hunters were ensconced. The game was a rather cagey one (it always is with ratlings in cover). Rather than the usual laborious Battle Report I'm going to write a pretty much abridged version and a bit of waffle at the end.

A bit of preamble, after terrain was set up Pat agonised a bit about where to place his warband. His judiciously placed them to cover nearly all eventualities. The way Heist works is I bust in through a random table edge. As luck would have it I rolled exactly the right edge to nail both his heavy weapon armed Noble, and his slightly less exposed other Noble.

Derric & Tefal look for victims to shoot/psychically molest. 

Having dispatched Ruprecht Bangs looks for another victim (Spazz dutifully performs meatshield duty).

The Slazenger warehouse in all it's seemingly deserted beauty. Note the Spiker plants in the bottom left corner. Not very hygenic. Unless it's a garden centre warehouse.

Strike team Chubbs, Jenna & Hellion, ready to kick abhuman ass! Sadly I forgot to move them first turn, so the asskicking was somewhat delayed.

Some very skulky ratlings. I found in an old container with the card buttresses than were in the original boxed sets. Pat made very effective use of them during the game.

Some more skulkers. To be honest I think the Ambull Hunters weren't actually guarding the warehouse, more likely they thought it would be a good place for a kip instead. Apologies for the bad lighting,there are models there honest!

Due to rather elaborate basing issues, Tefal is not very well concealed behind the Outlanders barricade. He got shot off rapidly. Note to self. Build higher barricades!

The bearded ratling at the front was half an inch out of range with his handbow. This prompted some shuffling forward during the game. 

A sudden bought of cowardice on my part made my super sexy strike team leg it through the dilapidated lower window of the ruins with Slazenger warehouse. Who even builds a ruin in a warehouse?

Buxom (who is actually the wrong model at the moment) and Greylocks scamper largely unmolested around the left flank.

Buxom & Greylocks, approach the central Ork fortress (in a warehouse) and pick up loot respectively.

Greylocks grabs some loot! Buxom, still labouring under the impression she's a man armed with an autopistol continues on with  the general trying to kill things.

Around this time Pat's one remaining2 Big Mutie Beastman with a Snake Tail beats the crap out of Chubbs, then Hellion, then receives the Emperors justice in the form of Jenna Persuivant's sword!

Buxom now remembers she is a she, rather than a he. She also remembers that she is armed with a lasgun rather than a pistol and a knife. Suitably embarrassed she finished off Lord Ruprecht and scampers off towards more loot.
Greylocks leaves the building-within-a-warehouse with the loot, legging it towards safety. Spazz runs around trying to look useful.
Around this part of the game I made a fatal mistake. After dispatching Pat's horribly annoying Beastman, Jenna spied a ratling out in the open. There was a loot counter 2 more floors up, and I elected to go for the ratling. Jenna missed and was taken out of action next turn. the moral of this story? Fulfill your objective before killing the little fuckers!

Bangs plays a game of hide-and-seek with the ratlings. They are unwilling to come out and she is unwiling to come out of hiding. No hot lead massages for the abhumans!

Buxom gets to the bottom of the stairs but after 3 turns of passing bottle tests the Inquisitor Cell legs it once again without victory!

So the game was pretty enjoyable - except for the ending! It was a typical Inquisimunda bloodbath. I had lost 4 members and Pat had lost 3. I made a couple of mistakes (mainly not going for the loot when I should have. The big beastman proved to be a rather large and awkward stumbling block. I may have to hire my own! I made off the table with one loot counter worth 25 TG. I decided to take frag grenades for a member of the warband. Not the best haul I could hope for but to be honest when only three tokens were placed as opposed to a possible twelve I was severely hampered. Even an average number of seven would have made it a lot easier to grab a couple more. In the end game phase I had 3 full recoveries but unfortunately Tefal, my Wyrd is now shellshocked. He now has a 50% chance of successfully wyrding his enemies. Next on my shopping list is a bionic deshellshockifier 3. Pat's heavy stubber army noble lost an eye and the other Noble received an injured arm . On the plus side, I got a few nifty advances. Jenna now has a Toughness of 4, Tefal got a +1BS, Spaz got a +1 I and the inventor skill, Clumsy McFearsome got a +1 ST increase. As usual the dice gods decided (quite incorrectly I might add) what was best for my gang. A burly ratling was not what I ordered! I think Yagosh, the beastman humie beater got the skill hard as nails, so he will be even harder to get rid of! 

Next time I'm hoping to have a game with my Eldar Void Pirates against a brand new opponent with another Inquisition Cell. Also hopefully Pat will get to attempt to get his Beastman back!

Thanks for reading.

1. Pat won the roll so he chose the scenario. With hindsight I don't think he can 'make' me rob his warehouse, but at the same time it was fun.
2. Currently incarcerated by a Mutant Mob.
3. Apologies if I'm getting too technical.
4. Don't worry it was his left arm.

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