Monday, 4 July 2016

These Little Piggys......


Yes that's right, got some more figures finished. A warband in our campaign is a Nobilist Faction on an intergalactic safari. Basically some rich kids (and adults) going round hunting wildlife and making species extinct. Because of the grim dark ethos of the 40K universe, there probably isn't much in the way of conservationists, so this type of behavior is actively encouraged.  This had me thinking about the many types of wildlife that can infest an Inquisimunda battlefield causing aggravation to unsuspecting grunts and other higher ranking individuals. I am also involved in the Inquisimunda version 2.1 update and I've been tasked with updating the bestiary. This will be a labour of love as I've been a long time fan of Death World creatures from the Rogue Trader era. As there are now so many excellent miniature manufacturers around finding new critters for your games is a lot easier. So my project at the moment is to collate all the 40K gribblies into one article, give them Inquisimunda stats and points values and try to create a couple of creature intensive scenarios to boot. Not sure of the time frame, but 6 weeks should be an achievable target.

Four Little Pigs

Back when I started playing Warhammer with my Wood Elves beastmasters were a thing and some rather cool Elf running models could be had. Bears, boars, cats and dogs also frolicked along in step with the tree loving hippies. After playing the Catch The Genestealer game on the Agri world of Nora I thought some tough yet not overwhelming creatures would make ideal nuisance beasts. The main feature of Porcines (old Terran food creatures) is they're omnivorous, hardy, and most importantly - very, very tasty. Ideal guard animals that squeal very loudly when approached by unfamiliar people. When roused or threatened they should also be able to mess up a juve or two as well. Worst case scenario they could be trained - Hannibal Lector style to be attack pigs. Whenever I play a game on the infamous ratling planet of Oirlund, I'm sure these guys will feature in it.

Gorers of the Unwary!

Hello Kitty

Another Elven companion below, a wild cat. In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium, large carnivorous cats are called Felynx's. I think this one is going to be a pet for the leader of my Eldar Void Pirate band, The Moonkillers. Sleek, graceful with a penchant for torturing it's prey, seems like it was designed by the Eldar! This particular Felynx is from the wrong side of the tracks though, as it's prominent earring signifies. Not sure if I will give her a tattoo as well to really make citizens extra wary around her.  After all, the Imperium of Man is all about prejudice and bigotry!

Fear my sleekness human!

Look at my glossy coat of doom!

Horrible Sonar Using Dill Holes

I finished some Warhammer Quest bats as well. They actually featured in a game of Imunda lately, well 2 of them did and got pulped into bat flavoured jelly by an overly aggressive Beastman. Feebleness notwithstanding, I am willing to let them mildly inconvenience warbands once more. I liked the rules for these in Necromunda, flapping around attacking wounding gangers and giving them the zombie virus! I have another three painted bats but unfortunately I painted them to represent three Vampires in bat form. I may one day post them on this blog but only when I'm displaying other painting disasters!
Terrible Flappy Death!

Finished Terrain Too!

Not only have I finished some models, I've finally gotten round to completing some terrain. Using the template from an old White Dwarf I built an Ork style building, as I don't have any more than a handful of Orks i decided to Imperium it up a bit (with a poster). 

A den of iniquity that may have some criminal stuff going on in or around it!

I told you! Incriminating graffiti!

Back in 2011 I started a project. It was a drinking hole. 5 years and a dozen or more battles around it, I'm prepared to display it! Drum roll please.............

Chug Szlak's Drinking Hole!

Regular readers may have noticed this construction in recent battle reports. The large forecourt at the front can house fuel pumps (if ever I make some) or other scatter terrain to give it a different look.

Aerial View
So there you have it, my hobby gushed out! Hopefully next offering with be some (or all) of the following:
Eldar Void Pirate warband,
Giant Slugs,
Maggot  Men,
Giant Ticks!
Until then, try to contain your excitement! Thanks for reading!

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