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A Pile of Skulls (But Not For Khorne's Throne)

More Sci Fi Bystanders

In January I decided to try to complete some of my Genestealer Cult Force, consequently I finished some of my Sci Fi civilians and personalities that have nothing to do with Genestealers. Oh well, that's nothing new. So on with the show;

Blinged Up Bloke

Here's the first one, a Moonraker Miniatures civilian from the Space Lords range. He can be used as a bloke going about his law abiding business, or other nefarious stuff. I do like the strut of this model, like he's pretty cocky about his lot in the Grim Darkness Of The 41st Millennium. This is partly why I gave him blue boots, two fingers at the Administratum or Ecclesiarchy, or even Adeptus Sanitorium. 

Give him a floppy hat and it's a futuristic Huggy Bear.

Foxy Nefertiti

From the Space Lords adventurers range this time, a bird with a big gun. Not quite a lascannon, nor a heavy stubber, yet it's a bit hefty for a lasgun or autogun. Quite a nice pose advancing. Looks to me to be a mercenary, or could easily fit into an Escher gang in Necromunda. The red bandanna also allows her membership to some of the more exclusive Catachan niteclubs and drinking boutiques.

Undisclosedly armed Una.

Alien Animal Wrangler

Yet another Space Lord. This one is balancing a small alien monkey on his arm. This is a fun model, he's got the near obligatory mohican hairdo (or mohawk in the U.S. I believe). A bionic hand - not all alien animals want to be wrangled, also a very probably reinforced codpiece. I painted his abdomen up a having metal plating with some sort of hosing connected to a small machine on his belt, perhaps one failed wrangling cost him his pancreas and a few other organs that he would've liked to have kept? All in all, a rather fine model, even if I have given him wonky eyes.

Sid Vicious(ly attacked by horrible critters).

Cheap Rent-A-Cop

A Space Lords adventurer, a funky chestplate is undone by some horrible mold lines and a 70's porno mustache. He looks like he's warning some juveniles off of the expensive museum display or the mechanical Grox toy for the under 5's. Either way he looks like he's going to draw down on the little punks and to hell with the impending court case!

"Only 3 students allowed in the shop at a time!".

Hugh J'sideburns

In the grim darkness of the blah blah blah, everyone seems to have access to a sidearm, even when they're holding their hand out for a) a present, b) a bribe or c) to just emphasis a point. One thing I will say for these Space Lord models, the sculptor(s) were insane in their attention to detail. All I can say is thank Odin for inks. There is also a fair bit of overcompensating going on in the Rogue Trader universe if the size of a man's gun is anything to go by.

Add caption

Casual Dynasty Actor

For some reason this model reminds me of Blake Carrington from 80's soap opera renown. Although MC Hammer pants are also visible. Most amusing aspect of this model is the large McDonald's drive thru ear phone and mic that he's wearing. 38,000 years later and they haven't  managed to make it as small as the ones in Marvel's agents of Shield yet. Still, I like the model and enjoyed painting it.

Walowitz Model

The sculptor of this model had a Nostradamus type vision when he creating this model with his skinny jeans. Kind of let down by the vacuum cleaner hose attached to the calculator in his hand. This model looks a bit starship captainesque with the heavily epauleted jacket but he also sports a McDonald's communication device (with an optical enhancer attachment). The rather large belt buckle makes me think of Walowitz from Big Bang Theory and so now the eyepiece is definitely an Xray scanner set to boobies!

Stock-taker or Imperial Flunkey

A White Jordi LaForge

Not being a Trekkie, I'm not sure how sacrilegious this comment is, the model below reminds me of Jordi LaForge from Star Trek ; The Next Generation. He's also got a handful of documents that sort of makes him look a bit anachronistic what with all his buddies having tubes coming out of them and such. He has got a large bracelet that could also have an esoterical timepiece built in, I just don't really know. Of course he could just be a religious nut, trying to get converts to the temple of Rogal Dorn's Mysterious Butt Plug. The glasses are to hide the glazed fanatical yet soulless stare from prospective converts. Could also be a celebrity washing detergent salesman.

"Are you happy with your wash?".

Orrible Arris

Orrible Arris is the younger brother of Strangler Arris, habitual detainee of The Black Hole Of Paraquat : a fine piece of scenery that I created. This model is an old Citadel Confrontation figure with some slight modifications. I gave him some sleeves for the top of his arms as running about in the 41st Millennium can get a wee bit chilly. I have also fashioned some less common weaponry for him mainly a set of adamantium knuckles (much better than brass) and a pool ball in a sock. The first is an easy conversion to make and the second is the sort of improvised item that can do a lot of damage (counts as a flail in Necromundan terms). Another obligatory mohican and a Bane-like mask makes him quite the menacing little shit.

the Name's Arris, Orrible Arris. 

Bloodbowl Orc, er Human Pit Slaves

These next two models are both early Bloodbowl Orcs converted to be Necromundan Pit Slaves. The first had a chainsaw attachment so I gave him a plastic Goliath arm and hey presto! A tooled up ex con from the underhive.

Waarrgh! The humans.
The second one was supposed to have a cybernetic grabber claw for his left arm, but I could never model the thing to my satisfaction so a few bits from my fishing tackle box that contains all my dismembered model parts and he got an Orky axe even though he is definitely not painted up as one! Just to make him even more Necromundary he was given some hazard stripes to warn off unwary hivers. He also reminds me of a rather cool 70's comic called Ironjaw, a Conan the barbarian type bloke who had an iron lower jaw. I rather liked it, but my brother only had a few issues.
"Look Out! Death Hazard!".

Skaven Casualty

I also finished an old Skaven casualty for my games, more to be used in the background than to use as a protagonist. It is one of the models that has taken an inordinately long time to paint. His cobblestone base shows that he was originally intended for Warhammer Quest. 

Nothing to see here!

The better, more isometric view.

Freebie Pile of Skulls

A while back I was perusing Heresy Of Us blog and it said, if you want a free pile of skulls email me, so I did. I subsequently forgot all about it until the model below arrived at my house shortly after Christmas. A quick white spray, devlan mud ink wash and some dry-brushing and voila! More atmospheric stuff for my pictures.

OCD for the Blood God!
I also placed my painted up Fabius Bile model for scale purposes and the fact that he'd appreciate it a bit more than most of my Imperial Guard models. The model itself is great, and for a freebie, awesome. I'm not entirely sure whether it is on sale or not but it makes a rather cool objective for most games, historical, fantasy, sci fi or pulp. As part of my hobby mentality shift (more of that in another post) I'm trying to make my gaming prettier to look at, and participate in, with that in mind a small pyramid of human skulls really fits the bill.

Fabius Bile loved to arrange skulls in alphabetical order.
So that's how I have set my stall out for 2017, more painting and finishing things to make my gaming more immersive. So until next time, thanks for reading.

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