Monday, 5 March 2018

What I Did On My Snow Day (part one)

Being a devoted hobbyist, the idea of a snow day makes me happy. Generally though, if there is a snow day then there are probably a few things I can do DIYwise when my better half is around. Storm Emma 1 hit Ireland following "the Beast From The East" 2 and it gave me some free time to paint up some Catachans. Here is the results;

Sadly these guys will probably be the first removed from units as they are just armed with lasguns. My standard colours for the regiment is used with some light green vest tops for these. 

More grunts. Accompanied by a vox operator. Now he will probably survive a bit longer. Funnily enough, I still enjoy painting Catachans, good thing too as I have a considerable amount of them left to do!

Here comes some models that will likely last longer, battle report wise. Heavy flamer, meltagun, plasmagun and flamer. there is also my most painted model in the middle. I reckon that there are at least a dozen of them in my army. Finding new and interesting ways to paint him is getting tougher.

Here are some more guys who have a chance of longevity. Two more special weapons and another heavy flamer. Also I tried a darker skin tone and I feel it came out well. There is also my most Gung-ho model in the form of the missile loader on the far right, as there is currently a shortage of missile launchers Adeptus Administratum directive 567342/MLS states that any "guardsman that loses contact with his colleague in the heavy weapon team, must utilise special ammunitions regardless". This means his role is to beat enemies to death with live missiles in the hope that the ammunition is not wasted. 

More guardsmen. As you can see I painted up some more special weapons. I also a skull on the right shoulder of each black trooper that came out reasonably well. the sergeant has stripes on his left shoulder to denote his rank. I must admit the skin tone came out really well so I'm very pleased.
So there you have it, 25 models finished in two sessions of painting. These are meant to enable me to field 3 squads of veterans. I have to paint up a missile launcher to go with the loader and maybe a couple of other heavy weapons to give me some other options for future games. Overall I'm chuffed how they came out. My next update will hopefully feature the Eldar I also worked on during the enforced holiday. Either that or a batrep connected to the Scargill Cleansing.

Thanks for Reading.

1) Whoever decided naming storms needs a kick up the hole. Ever since then, weather has become very uppity and has started getting ideas way above their station.
2) Also due a hole kicking is the people behind glamourising cold fronts. "The Beast From The East" is just  "The rain in Spain lies mainly on the plain", a rhyme. Sensationalising this crap for the media to get collective hard ons is just bullshit.

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