Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Well I have been messing about with greenstuff again so it's probably about time I inflicted the putrid contents of my mind onto the internet, just to teach it a lesson! One thing that struck me about the previous Skaven army book was the genetic manipulation that Clan Moulder do to improve their otherwise crappy giant rats, using rudimentary surgery and extreme violence they seem to get acceptable results. So bearing this in mind I thought to myself, rather than just paint up a few dozen giant rats for my eternally ongoing Skaven army, why don't I spend an inordinately long time sculpting up loads of models that are worth 3 points in game terms? How it's taken me 20+ years to get to this stage is beyond me!

Giant Rat-Orc

First up is my Giant Rat-Orc, a simple Clan Moulder trick of removing an Orc's head and then bolting it to a Giant Rat's body. Legs & possibly arms to follow.
Giant Rat-Orc

Fat Rat

This bad boy is inspired by the Skavenslayer book by Bill King where specially bred rats could eat huge amounts of food causing a famine in Nuln. It has the head of a Warpfire Thrower firer bulked up with blobs of greenstuff.All I really need to do now is sculpt some rather large incisors & his other front leg & he's ready for painting.
Fat Rat gnawing on a man-thing

Cthuluesque Giant Rat

Somewhere in the depths of Hell Pit, some Master Moulder thought that crossing a rat with some kind of astral deity of unimaginable power would be cool, and rather scary. Being unable to catch the aforementioned unnameable being he probably spliced it with a big sea anemone. 
Cthulu Rat

Mole Rat

Clan Moulder salesmen are constantly being asked by unhappy warlords 'How do we get into fortresses without too much aggro?'. The answer: the patent pending Mole Rat, for all your tunneling needs!
Mole Rat

Scythy the Scythe-headed rat

How do you make a Giant Rat even more unpleasant? Weld a scythe to his head & hey presto! An instantly more killy rat.
Scythe-headed Rat

Rat with a Hat

I chopped the head from a Clanrat & decided to put the head to good use. It is highly likely that other rats in the unit will be jealous but that's part & parcel of being Packmasters Pet! 
Rat with a hat

"Look Out, He's Got A Knife!"

A similar amount of greenstuff for this skaven head to be attached to, but with a stump with a knife blade attached to it. This fella is from the bad part of town

Knife wielding Rat 

"You can still see the stitches!"

Skavenslave has his head removed, stitched onto a giant rat, it's that simple. I could leave him like that as some kind of slug rat I suppose.
Legless-so-far Rat

Treeman Ancient

I thought I'd try my hand and putting a few more branches on this bugger, to denote that he is a Treeman Ancient rather than one of these whippersnapper treemen of only a few centuries old.
Rat that looks like a treeman


Took the head off one of the Oldhammer Rat Ogres to make another Giant Rat, but I realized that a huge head would look silly with a small body, so in typical Clan Moulder fashion I thought, sewing two rat bodies to that big ole fat neck should make everyone happy! The skaven equivalent of the Nobel prize awaits!
Rat Ogre Rat

Giddy Up Rat Horsey!

This one has only just been started, I was rummaging around in my bits box & found this part of a centaur body, with a correctly sculpted rat torso you've got a pretty freaky figure. 
Rat Horse
So that is what I'm wasting my time with this week, whether the above models make it on to a battlefield this year is a priority, it is only 30 points, aside from the treeman of course. I still can't figure out where all my time goes!

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