Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Deathmaster Snikch's Posse.

So I have gotten my painting hat well and truly on and it's looking like quite a nice fit too. There are are few models that have been lurking furtively in my painting case for many months now and finally they have been sent out into the verdant pastures of my painted bookcase. So before I start any more painting metaphors (or whatever) here are the money shots.

Deathmaster Snikch & his helper 
Deathmaster Snikch has been undercoated for some 17 years or so, and in that time has decimated regiments of units skulked around on numerous battlefields as well as been used as a rather neat threat that has deterred advances by his merest presence. Now that he is finally painted I hope he will do even better things. His mate had better look lively as well......

Ratling Machine Gun

Ratling Machine Gun from the other angle

 The Weapons Teams were in the painting pile for yonks & to be honest I'm glad to be rid of them, not bad figures but hampered by the fact that they were glued to a cavalry base which made painting some of their nooks & crannies a mite more difficult than it should have been.

Three Clan Moulder Heavies
 Two packmasters & the original Throt The Unclean are added to my rat packs or rat ogre units. Yehaa!

Clan Skyre Globadier
 Good job Globadiers are skirmishers, I got a bit carried away the clay base which is over hanging the front two sides, lets hope for his sake he doesn't get into close combat.

Ten Points of Carnage

Skavenslaves with pets

Two Fairly Healthy Looking Slaves



 My Skavenslave unit is bolstered by nine models this week of which five were converted, one has a green medallion, presumably a keepsake from his breeder gal at home. One has a pet rat on his shoulder, with really bizarre shaped ears, another has a swollen face with a maggot peeking out (also a pet), and the last two have large unsightly boils/cankers/whittles on their backs. A sad inditement of the inhumane conditions that these political prisoners are being kept in. it is also a sad inditement of me putting extra hours work on 2 point models.
Group Photo
And finally a photo of everyone in the class, with a combined cost of 563 points, I am pretty happy with my achievement for today.

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