Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sticking it to the Man Warhammer Stylee!

All my projects are long term but this one is (I'm sure) going to drag itself into the far future.

Simply put, I've decided I want a Hellpit Abomination (2 preferably), two Warplightening Cannons, a Plague Engine Thing, and a Plagueclaw Catapult. I want these items but I don't want to buy them. I don't particularly  want to steal them either so it leaves option #3: make them. I have been sketching the first of my projects which is the Abom, its going to take is plenty of wire and greenstuff (of which I have a goodly amount), some items from my bits box and we can Rock n' Roll. I also saw on a forum how to make a barrell shaped item which should enable me to make my cannons. On another forum I got the idea of how to make wooden wheels fairly easily and the viability of the project gets more viabler. I have plenty of skaven slaves, clanrats and plague monks just begging to be chopped up into new and interesting poses. Catapults are essentially a frame with a beam and a counterweight so one of those could be knocked up. Then to cap it off I had an idea of making a third Doomwheel for my skaven one that is a ratty knock-off of a  dwarf gyrocopter. Hopefully my initial burst of enthusiasm (and this blog entry) will get me off the blocks swiftly.

Scratchbuilt Abom
The above conversion is the kind of thing I'm talking about, and the full entry can be found here a blog called a Tale of four geeks. Below is another one I found on a Warhammer 40k forum. Both figures are different but are pretty ratty as well. All I have to do is get cracking!

Abom with the jaws of Doom
Another brilliant model.

N.B. This plan is in no way an attempt to delay painting my Wood Elf Glade Riders, and more importantly their goofy horses!

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