Friday, 22 November 2013

My 2014 Chaos, Dark Elf and Empire Challenge

Well I have gotten my early Christmas present to myself (Chaos, Empire & Dark Elf Army Books) and flicking through them I'm liking what I see. Now anyone who has looked through this blog will probably have noticed two things, firstly is that I flit from project to project with wild abandon, the other is my unrealistic optimism. Coupled together these characteristics mean that I am confident that my 2014 aim (to complete 2400 point viable forces for the three above mentioned armies) is fairly possible. 

Warriors Of Chaos

Probably the easiest of my armies to get to 2400 points are my Warriors of Chaos. I've got 32 Chaos Warriors painted, another 15 Beastmen (that will be used as Forsaken) a rather small Daemon Prince (thay can't all be huge can they?) and another 9 Drakul Knights from Black Tree Design who can either be more Warriors or Chosen, depending on the  mood I'm in. So the approximate total of painted (poorly and above) is 1100 points with very little upgrades. Nearing completion is some Chaos Hounds and a Chimera, so it's a very achievable target.
A Chaos Hordette

Some unsavory Dudes 

These Barbarian figures below can either be used as Marauders or Middenheimers so they are multifunctional models, or they will be when they get based properly!

Chaos Marauders or Hairy Empire Troops?

The Empire

Ever since I started gaming I bought lots of fantasy humans as interesting npcs for my roleplaying games and with the eventual hope that a fully formed  Empire army would appear. Sadly over 20 years later and this hasn't happened! So i'm going to have to take matters into my own hands and actually PLAN AN EMPIRE ARMY!!!  
Various wizards,witches and priests
For someone who can't generally stand dwarfs, I have managed to accumulate quite a few. There are Crossbow Dwarfs, Thief Dwarfs, Norse Dwarfs and even a Ghost Dwarf. Not forgetting Bugman himself.

Dwarven contingent
Next is a motley array of thieves, assassins, yokels, ghosts (again) and statues. These will be my free company models, due in no small part to the fact they are are with many different types of weapons.

Free company
My spear unit has a few old school Empire troops with halflings, half naked barbarian women and a ninja, talk about the league of nations!
My swordsman (and woman) unit is one of the few that has a decent enough size, there are many 'ethnic' people in it too.
My greatswords is only 13 strong so that needs to be doubled in size I reckon.

My archers are an ok size (if you allow halflings in there) for a skirmish screen but not much else, the handgunners are a paltry 4 models so they may have to be absorbed back into the free company!
Ranged weapon Dept.
So all in all I have the scratchings of 1000 points of Empire Troops, not great but with some funky artillery and a unit of cavalry it could get close.

Dark Elves

My Dark Elf army presents a bit more of a problem. 45 models painted. Dreadlord, wizard (of sorts), 3 assasins, 30 corsairs and 10 Witch Elves. Roughly 950 points. I wanted to theme this army around a mainly slave raiding force, all Corsairs & Dark Riders, which is an enduring image I have for them, get in quick, kill most of the enemy, bring the rest back in chains. I have enough Corsairs to make a second unit and enough Dark Riders for two flanking units so my plan should be relatively simple to execute.

3 assasins a Dreadlord and wizard Dandy

Corsairs - painted by ebay

Corsairs painted by moi
So I have set myself the not insignificant target of painting up 3500 points by, well I suppose December 2014. The only good news in that respect is I probably have about 600 points of very nearly painted models so the whole shebang could well be finished before I ht 50 (in 6 years time)!

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