Sunday, 17 November 2013

Some more painted figures

So apart from making Battle reports as a non paying career I've gotten a few more figures painted. As with most of my stuff they were started probably 3+ years ago (more like 5-11 to be honest). The reason being I only paint when I'm playing and the last 10 years has been pretty lean in the gaming front, but as I've played at least 11 games or Warhammer this year, I have really gotten the painting lurgy once more. So here are the currently varnished flavours of the month.

Gripping Beast Monk

Firstly I finished a medieval monk from Gripping Beast. I bought it at SELWIG probably between 1996-1998. It was in a packet of four, one I painted up as a ghost for Warhammer Quest. This one is another WHQ npc, this time he can be a monk, an assasin, thief or any one of a dozen other shady characters.
A Gripping Beast Monk

Dwarf Cannon Crew

If only I could paint all my figures up as ghosts! Then I'd have all four thousand finished by Easter! This was another idea for Warhammer Quest, basically a dwarf pc will discover an ancient dwarf bound to an axe, he can be called forth to aid the bearer but he must return him to his kin - which will involve several dangerous dungeons gone through of course. He's on a greenstuff flagstone type base but he can always double up as crazy Grimlukk Halfaxe dwarf cannon crew member and mime.
Dwarf cannon Crew (deceased).


Now I don't have or intend to ever have a Vampire Counts army but back in the 90's I had a hankering for all lead figures, one of the ones I purchased was this cheery little fellow, an old marauder Necromancer. As I've got a good collection of human models he may as well be used as an Empire Battle Wizard with a pallid complexion and a big staff.
Old Mage Withers

Marauder Musician

I bought this in a blister of villagers and used to have a light blue tunic with green leggings. He was only basecoated as I just could never get any enthusiasm up to paint any more. Then as I heard the song 'the Devil Went Down To Georgia' I thought a human with a golden fiddle would make a brilliant dungeon encounter!
Fancy-pants musician

Skaven Jezzails

Here's one of the slightly newer 1994ish Skaven Jezzails. The got promoted to the top of my to be painted pile after their sterling work in the The Battle of the Biscuits . The one below is from Marauder as opposed to Citadel. 
Steroided up Jezzail Team

Fear Us!

Rear view of them

Perculiar Iron Mammoth Gnome Orc Rider

This is an impulse buy. At the time I was playing quite a lot of WHQ and I saw this on a website, I thought to myself 'I'll show Games Workshop a thing or two!' and promptly bought it. I also got half a dozen Shaolin monks and did my bit for independent figure manufacturers. Unfortunately not enough as Iron Mamouth is no more. The model itself is rather an oddity as there is a semi barbaric gnome sitting on the shoulders of a rather depressed looking orc. Can't really see me using it much but at least it's off my to-do list. 

The Gnome/Orc combo


More Jezzails

Here are some pictures of some more Jezzails (I finished eight in total) that I hope will soon be putting 28mm fist sized holes in the enemies of Skavendom.

Old school goodness

Warpstone pommelled swords for the win!
The Jezzail team below is pure ebay as I bought them both in a job lot of Skaven and the clanrat in front didn't even have an end on his weapon! So I sculpted (badly) a staff of wood into a shield and attached another below in, and hey presto! Another weapons team.

Long range death.

'Yes Marvin, I'm going to shoot the dwarf over there'.

A shield's eye view

Chorus Line

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