Saturday, 9 November 2013

Warhammer Punditry

Well a few thoughts on my last 2 games. The skaven battle was fun but as usual I was focused on the Doomwheel doing great things and when it was magicked it got the dung beaten out of it. That said it did attract a lot of attention so it certainly did do something worthwhile. I thought by placing it centrally it would get stuck in early but all it really did was got in range of spells 1st turn. The jezzails worked well, the giants rats held up, then destroyed the trolls. The Screaming Bell basically got it's points back when it destroyed the orcish artillery in turn 2 rendering the greenskin shooting threat non existent. Probably my worst act was leaving my Warlock Engineer in the clanrats then letting them get in combat.
 **IMPORTANT NOTE TO SELF** Warp Lightning cannot be cast whilst in combat so keep the Warlock Engineer with that one spell OUT OF COMBAT!!!
I really liked the way I got my ambushing Gutter Runners on the table at the first attempt, that was tactical brilliance!
As this was the third game of Warhammer I've played with skaven in 8th edition it went pretty well so I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

Sneaky Gutter Runners

The Lizardman battle is not as easy to critique as I got a good win. Admittedly I kind of threw away my skink units, but as they were only 70 points each, this wasn't such a bad thing. They all caused damage, but whether they all caused 70 points of damage is unclear. One unit dragged some Seekers to overrun behind my salamanders, another lured a small unit of Fiends into a combat with my big bad Saurus unit so in a way destroyed them, but best of all was the ones that trapped the Seekers in the hot river! My infantry I think were the stars of this game, grinding out wins verses Fiends and a Keeper of Secrets. My magic phase was ok, but really could've been better if I had had the sense to try to heal my Stegadon! This was a pretty bloody game that because of the unusual table deployment helped me a lot.

Rush hour in the mountains

So two games that I really enjoyed, which after all is all I'm looking for. another game next week, Reptiles vs Rodents. That should be even funner!

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