Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Warhammer Architcture

As I've recently signed up to Terragenesis a rather cool scenery showcase forum, I thought I'd take a few pictures of some of my stuff and post it there, never one to waste photos I'd thought I'd do a post on here too!

The Barn

Many years ago when Games workshop wasn't the corporate monster it is today they published in White Dwarf plans to build your own Warhammer scenery without trying to charge you silly money for the privelege! The buildings are foamcard with thin strips on balsa glued over them. The roof is individually cut pieces of cereal packet card to represent tiles.


I'm sure the Filly has bolted

The Cottage

Another GW template, the main difference is the stone chimney on the outside if the house (milliput). I have come a long way with my modelling putty skills so when I get back in the mood to build more dwellings the outside brickwork will look a lot better. The timbering uses slightly thinker pieces of balsa with the addition of watered down polyfilla to represent the rough plastering.

A single doored dwelling

Stonework like that isn't cheap!

Ye Olde Pubbe

Same idea just a must larger building. The inn is a rather nice building with plenty of character, same construstion materials with the bevelling of the main timbers, this gives the impression of age as did the green ink wash over the wood. Other buildings are the blacksmith's forge and seperate stable. All the buildings here have removable roofs as they are primarily for gaming. During the process of the tiles getting glued to the roof card they tend to warp, but they're grand for battlefield games.

Ye Olde Pubbe - Ye Olde Shield

Ye Othere Side

Ye Courtyarde

Ye Brokene Gate
This model is still not quite finished as I want the gate to be functional and the area below the blacksmiths area still needs the forge and general horseshoeing equipment to be constructed. I think a comment on the wall colour is also warranted as it's probably not the most authentic (or even attractive) it was an old duplicate pot of Hawk Turquoise that I wanted to use up and that was the result.
If Thou'st wert a birde Thou would'st spye Ye Olde Pubbe from here

Stuff to Shelter Behind

I borrowed some Hirst Arts molds from Stuart and I haven't really done much with them. Due to me using somewhat non optimal materials I seem to be getting a fair bit of badly molded casts. A progression of thoughts, inspired by my Dragon post got me thinking that I needed some linear cannonball catchers for my games and that the semi melted bricks could represent dragonfire, fireballs and other magical/alchemical/industrial weapons. Hey Presto! some blocks that were going to get binned are now glowing heaps of molten stone! I will probably construct a few more with greenish glow to represent Warpfire and other unwholesome effects.

Some walls, some melted.
So that's what I have for display today I hope it is of some interest to you. Of course any comments are very welcome.

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