Monday, 23 March 2015

World Domination is Nigh!

So after an awfully long series of defeats the main weakness I have is a big fuck off dragon not being present in my games. But as luck would have it I have now got one. Better yet it wasn't painted by me! The guy who did this marvellous paint job is called Aaron and he loves to paint stuff for people. For money. I don't do adverts on here but if one of the non spambots 9or even the wargaming spambots)wanted to get something painted up, then you can contact him via Facebook here or if you are one of those people who think Facebook is evil try him on Twitter.


An as yet unnamed Elf Lord

I'm ready for my close up Mr DeMill
 So I had a game using this little beauty last week and me likey! It was against undead and my guy gave Mannfred Von Carstein a schlacking, along with a Plague Cart and a 20+ strong unit of skeletons (which was nice). I'd like to say it was all his own work but some Wild Riders did a fair bit of the heavy lifting. What I will say with the right magical assistance (Life or High) this can be a very potent unit on the battlefield (with none of that double wounds from flaming attacks either).  The actually breath attack can be very useful too as making a unit subject to stupidity is always amusing.
So in the not too distant future there will be a batrep or two extolling the virtues  of flying death from above!

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