Monday, 9 March 2015

More Hippies in the War Against Deforestation


So after what seems like months (which, after checking, is months) I have finished some models! For a long time I've had some old Marauder Elves sitting around drinking herbal tea whilst talking about setting the world to rights, you know general Wood Elf stuff. Well I've finally finished them so now perusal....

three grunts (or to be more wood elfy - three sighs)

Ye Olde Elven command group

Three More sighs
The first three pictures are of the aforementioned Marauder figures that I've been using as scouts mainly. I like the Native American feel to their dress and they are fun models to paint. I had painted up some a while back. There is also a member of Skarlock's Elf Scounts in the command group plus two Gary Morley scout models (standard bearer and musician). He also sculpted some Wardancers I had painted in a previous post where flouncy hair and tiny hands were the order of the day.

Glampinge & Karousse 
 Above are two other Citadel archers that I had gotten in an ebay win that hadn't really excited me at the time. I realised that I needed to paint them to bulk up the scout unit even though they didn't really fit the look of the rest of the unit. On closer examination I realised I really liked these models particularly the one on the left of Karousse as I have since baptised him. They have the look of well equipped and a little bit foppish (for Elves anyway) so I've decided they are both noble elves who's debauched behavior has forced the Highborn to send them into a scout unit to 'make a name for themselves' in a plot similar to Bill Murray in the movie Stripes.

Hex Scroll's Are Go!!!

I've also finished my Heresy toad familiar that I am determined to use in my Warhammer games by spamming Sivejir's Hex Scroll at every opportunity. A lovely model that I have also used to represent Lord Kroak in this battle report. Now I need to do my Bagpuss familiar. There are loads of really nice figures over there go and buy some!

Angus Toad

Profile of Angus Toad
So that's all folks. any comments (good or bad) are welcome, if only to prove real people are reading my blog instead of spambots!
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