Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My First Tournament

I attended the Spring Showdown in Gamer's World in Dublin this weekend and I had what I imagine some people's tournament cherry popping result - abject humiliation. I had an early start 7am. To get to Jervis Street for 9.30. I met up with about 14ish fellow gamers in an attempt to battle it out for a prize. I actually had no aspirations of winning anything, moreso to get an idea whether I am anywhere near good enough after getting back into the hobby. As I'm more used to the sedate pace of a friendly game the 3 in one day format is a bit too fast paced for my slow play and I think it contributed to some of my errors (but not all of them unfortunately). Also very few pictures were taken due to the demands of a rather hurried schedule. So below are summaries of the three games I played and a some possible conclusions made from them.

My List

Spellweaver ; Fencer's Blades, Staff of Sorcery,  Talisman of Endurance, Asrai Longbow, High Magic, Level 4, Unicorn

Waystalker ,Dragonhelm 
Glade Captain ;Hail of Doom Arrow, Enchanted Shield, Asrai Longbow, Asrai Spear, Battle Standard, Elven Steed, Light Armor, Moonfire Shot.
 Spellsinger ;Dispel Scroll, Shrieking Blade, Elven Steed, Level 2, Lore of Beasts. 
Glade Captain ;Charmed Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Potion of Foolhardiness, Asrai Longbow, Asrai Spear, Great Eagle, Light Armor, Hagbane tips.

16xGlade Guard; Standard Bearer, Trueflight Arrows. 
5x Glade Riders Glade Knight, Standard Bearer,Hagbane Tips
 5x Glade Riders Standard Bearer,Starfire Shafts. 
Glade Riders (120pts) Glade Knight
 Hagbane Tips
8x Waywatchers

6x Sisters of the Thorn,Standard Bearer ,Lichebone Pennant.
3x Warhawk Riders, Wind Rider.
6x Wild Riders ;Champion,Standard Bearer,Banner of Eternal Flame,Shields.
5x Wild Riders;Champion, Shields.

Game One

I was matched up with a guy called Ken and his High Elf army. He had 3 Bolt Throwers, Lord on a Frostheart Phoenix, 2 units of Silver Helms, 20ish Swordmasters with a Metal Spellcaster. 20 Lothern Sea Guard as well. There was a wall (about 6" away) in front of the first bolt thrower I swooped my warhawks to take cover from that as I advanced my Wild Riders up whilst using my Waywatcher/trueflight Glade Guard formation in my free wood. Long story short, his Silver helms units were done in (bar one single elf), as were a bolt thrower. I lost 2 units of Glade Riders and Sisters, also the Wild Riders with the banner. Net result 13-7 with the scenario being Blood and Glory and me getting broken 16-4.
What did I do wrong? In putting my warhawks by the wall I lined them up for a flank charge by the fiery phoenix. Forgot to move my Glade Riders who got shot up by a bolt thrower. Totally underestimated what nonsense a Frostheart Phoenix is with a lord perched on top is.

Game Two

Next was a guy called Brendan with an unusual dwarf list. Comprising of Ungrim Ironfist the slayer king, with 3 units of slayers 33, 30 and 11 I think, a unit of 30 Longbeards with a Runesmith, 16 Dragongunshootydwarfs and 12 Quarrellers. The scenario was King of the Hill (like Watchtower but with a point in the centre of the table). He deployed with his missile units on the flank with a hideously strong centre. The warhawks lost in the second round of combat to the quarrellers whilst one unit got shot to shit by Irondrakes. Broke the Irondrakes with a Wild Rider and Eagle rider and  broke them, only to fail to catch them. On a my second charge they killed my wood elf hero!!! Another highlight was a unit of 11 slayers charging 15" to wipe out some fleeing Glade Riders. I managed to get the large unit of slayers down to 1 model with Fiery Convocation and Soul Quench. Time was called and because of the proximity of the slayer convention in the centre another 13-7 went to 16-4. Curses!
What did I do wrong? Well my initial charges on both units of missile troops should have resulted in wins therefore giving me plenty of encircling and shooting. This went tits up and I simply couldn't get enough points out of the big combat blocks.

Lots of slayers

Game Three

Last game was against a guy called Peter with an almost entirely scratchbuilt Nurgle army. Consisted of Greater Daemon or Prince,I forget which, 30 Plaguebearers, 2 units of Beasts of Nurgle, 10 Horrors, a SoulGrinder, and 2 units of Furies. The scenario was Meeting Engagement and it did not go well. I deployed way too close and got my arse well and truly kicked.We called the game in turn two as I really didn't have anything left to fight with except my 3 Units of Glade Riders. Lost 20-0.
What di I do wrong? As this was my first Meeting Engagement game, I set up way to close to my enemy, stupidly put my waywatcher unit in front of both Wild Riders units effectively blocking them from charges and didn't flee my General/Wizard when I should have done. End result I got an arse whuppin' and Peter didn't even get a game.


Well despite the lack of victories I enjoyed the games. My main problem is I'm too agressive in the first turn or two when circumspection would be better. My army list is also suspect as when I produced my Unicorn there was some consternation as some of my fellow tournamentees had never seen one! I also think these games are very much matchup dependent, by that I mean my first opponent wasn't overly chuffed to be against Wood Elves with his metal mage, I on the other hand wasn't impressed when 55 points of magic items - Dispel Scroll & Staff of Sorcery - were worthless against my Dwarf opponent. By and large I need to get my shit together for the next one. When I got home I was more than a bit peeved about my poor showing. Thinking to myself that I'm a terribad player. Now 3 days later and after a lot of analysis I think I just didn't get the point of the tournament. There was a few weaknesses in the list aided and abetted by some tactical gobshitery that handicapped my last game.


Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself up too much about tournament play. I have found it, over the years, to be a thing in and of itself. It encourages very safe play, very middle of the road armies and playing by the letter rather than the spirit of the game. I think it is like the trendy pub you can drop into but really you hanker for warm pints of brown beer sip in a comfy armchair by a roaring fire. as I have got older I have discovered that I want to play Warhammer with people who see it like I do. i go to the occasional tournament and mostly come away thinking I would have spent the time (and money) better getting my gaming mates together and buying a crate of beer. But the right one can be fun and it is for a lot of people a really important part of the hobby!

Jason F said...

As a first time I wasn't overly surprised by the result but it's not something I'm giving up on just yet! I will return a new list to see if I can do damage nxt time!

Anonymous said...

Inspired by you I played a tournament at the local game store, (see blog). I am reenergised by the whole experience. You are wise Mr Forde. The WE were the nastiest game I played