Monday, 29 May 2017

Mutant Protesters & Assorted Underhive Scum

Some More Progress!

I'm back with some freshly painted models for viewing! Some have been lurking about from  before this blogs inception (and even predate this millinium) and others are more recent additions to the Continental Drift Painting fold. As an experiment, I painted up my Necromunda bulkheads and placed a piece of lino to make the background a bit prettier, but you can be the judge of whether I managed to pull it off!

Mutant Civil Rights Protestor

As it is fitting with the UK general election going on at the moment I have luckily finished my mutant protester. A three eyed, semi scaled critter that will probably be more of a bystander than an actual combatant. Still the banner can count as a club, and I'm sure it's not too big a stretch to assume he has a side arm hidden away somewhere in the flea ridden pile of moldy rags that count for his out fit. For those interested, it's an old skaven plague monk body with Saurus arms and a scratch built face.

Equal Pay For Muties!

 Orlock Genestealer Cult Icon Bearer

Back in February, I had a game of 40K with my 'Stealer cult and it swiftly became apparent that Icon bearers are very useful, some chopping up later and this model is born, a Maximini head on an Orlock body with a High Elf (or whatever they're called now) banner. An oldskool Hybrid arm to carry the banner and a repositioned shotgun, Voila! Of course round the corner is the imminent new version of 40K  and all this could be now redundant, but one can live in hope, can't one?

A dragon that could look a bit like the Genestealer emblem if you squint at it.

 Chainsword Armed Goliath

Just a slightly converted Goliath model that came out pretty well. Note the hazard stripes on the chainsword. Apparently Adeptus Administratum Health & Safety are very strict on this. 'Any persons operating a rotating chain cutting device is required by law to take adequate precautions to signal danger to other persons within in the area. Failure to do so can result in a fine and/or confiscation of said cutting equipment'. Directly taken from the latest version of 'Safety In The Underhive - Your Rights and Obligations - by Proctor & Gimble.

Rarrrgghhhh! Look out everyone, I have a chainsword!

 Goliath Genestealer Cult Icon Bearer

Another consequence of my 40K game, this time a Goliath. The model in question is one of my favourite monopose figures by GW, not everyone's cup of tea, but he is mine anyway. After uploading this picture I noticed the banner pole blends in badly to the background, looks like I'll have to be a bit more aware of such things next time. The red band on the banner is signalling the ideal height in the Underhive, if you do not measure up you can get a whack from the banner for being outside Imperial height guidelines. 
Short & Tall Imperial Citizens Beware!

 Follically Challenged Goliath

For a change I gave this Goliath model a haircut. Not much else to say about him really except he is a guy who stands around looking menacing when a collection of Goliath's try to look imposing. I really liked how the the face came out on this one, originally an Adam Ant white stripe across the bridge of the nose was planned but common sense prevailed.

Delaque Stubberer

Another member of my only seen combat once Delaque gang is complete. I bought this one off Ebay a few years ago and I think it may have been either a recast of produced just before the mould wore out. He has a droopy arm on his glasses and a very thick wrist (thankfully hidden by the heavy stubber). I'm sure he can just stand at the back of group photos with his crooked as spectacles!
Pew! Pew! Pew!

Little Mutated Andy

Another head swap, this time a metal skaven slave and another Maxmini bald goggle wearing chap. Also a metal shotgun and clumsey greenstuff claws complete the ensemble. One thing is for sure, my New Mutant Army is coming along nicely. I may have to revisit my mutations list sometime soon.

Snuffler The Other Mutant Guy

Virtually the same medical procedure was done for this figure, remove the head and weapon, replace with something else. This time a skaven Warpfire Thrower gunner (I literally have dozens of skaven ready to convert) with a greenstuff head (huge nose mutation) and a shotgun. I green-stuffed the hands too and every time I look at his right hand I get the impression he's holding the barrel like a guitar fret-board rather than an instrument of death and destruction. Also on the base is a xenos creature that I sculpted, just to give the model a bit more individuality.

'We're Wyld Stallyons!'

Green Marvin

Waste not want not I sometimes say! The head taken from the Orlock Icon bearer had to go somewhere, and here it is! A beheaded monopose skink took one for the team to become a rather miserable looking chap with a stub gun, a tail, and some carbuncles on his back. A quiver full of presumably toxic darts can denote some kind of stealth capability if I ever use him in another dreaded rescue mission. I'm still not 100% sold on the skin colour so some patterning or warpaint may be a way to go with this one. If so, then he can become a poster boy for chameleonic skin in the next big mutant recruitment drive. 

The lot of a small mutant isn't great.
So there you have it, more models for the cabinet - and possibly the battlefield too. as I haven't varnished these models, there may be some slight cosmetic changes, but nothing too drastic I'd imagine. Anyway thanks for reading.

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