Saturday, 8 February 2014

Getting back into 40K

Last week I had my first game of 40K. it was a 4 way free for all with 1000 points each of Imperial guard (me), Tau, chaos and Space marines. well I'm not going to give a battle report as I spent the first half of the game saying stuff like 'what?' and 'what does that do?'. Needless to say, Phil, the Marine player and 40K expert was extremely patient and made sure we all had a good time.
A couple of observations I have made since my last 40K outing (2nd Edition) is that armour in the 41st millennium has come a long way, Tau are bent, lasguns are pretty much the equivalent of stern talking too and Leman Russ battle tanks are my new favourite thing in the world!
Below is the single picture I took, as a rather unfriendly Iron Hands dreadnaught landed just outside my deployment zone who threatened  to do unpleasant things to my squishy guardsmen, but thanks to trooper Bolofski and his trusty meltagun, a thousand year old genetically enhanced superwarrior encased in tons of reinforced armour was reduced to molten slag! Result.

Trooper Bolofski melts a Dreadnaught
Having the game has inevitably made me want to get back to painting 40K models once again so now I'm in the process of seeing what viable forces I have. I think this time round my main area of focus will be Imperial Guard and Eldar. I have sizable collections of both but my painted Eldar army is limited. Very limited. below is in total my painted Eldar collection:

Fear the Xenos!
One Fire Dragon squad, a unit of rangers and fourteen guardians. I have some work to do with them. My Imperial Guard is far better off. I can field 2000 points comfortably but there is nothing in my armies devised after 2001. This blog will now hopefully be populated by my two mighty, if somewhat old fashioned 41st millennium forces.

Cultists or conscripts?

At least I'm sorted for weak assed human scumbags! 

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