Friday, 28 February 2014

Painted up in the February Painting Window!

Finished some more figures for my armies (Skaven, Chaos & Imperial Guard). But once again the photographs make them look worse than they are in real life, (honest guv!). Well, on with the waffle, I suppose!

Skaven Musician

I finished this musician as I've been looking at my two 50 (ish) strong slave units and only one has a 4 point muso. Well that problem is now well and truly solved! I painted this with the idea the drum skins are manskin and the drumstick is warpstone. Maybe the next one I do will have cat fur drums.

Skavenslave drummer


I painted up another six Stormvermin for my arsekicking unit! These were Stormvermin created when I was boycotting GW and in fact gaming in general. I picked these up on ebay, nice sculpts, I'm sure a unit of 50 of these would look awesome.
Semi-new Stormvermin
Three older type Stormvermin, I love these poses as the Stormvermin models don't fit well behing the command group, and now with the couple of other 'guarding' stormvermin there is far less chance of scraping paint off each other.
Oldish Stormvermin

Chaos Blokes

Stabb the Acolyte (on the left) has spent approximately 17 years undercoated black, skulking around various tabletops looking uninteresting. All that has now changed! With his sharkskin gloves and shiny red hooves, he is sure to set tongues a-wagging on battlefields all over my Warhammer Universe. The other model is an old citadel Werewolf that spent a similar length of time being uninspiring. His new career as a Chaos Marauder champion should hopefully make his long commute to work, worth spending so much time away from his family, as the extra wages might allow him to buy some clothes. If you look closely you can see his dog like genitals on display, this is one of those time when I thought to myself decency should have trumped anatomical accuracy.  
Stabb the Acolyte & a Werewolf
Next are a couple of chaos hounds. These are Marauder models that came with a rather tasty Chaos Beastmaster that is somewhere on the production line, I originally planned to use the Beastmaster as a chaos slaver for Necromunda and these two were to be his ever faithful Sump Hounds. Until then they can go and kill in the name of the forces of chaos (probably Nurgle - The Plague Lord seems to be in vogue at the moment).
Chaos Hounds

From an ever-so slightly different angle

I have also finished Redmaw, a particularly tasty sculpt who is Khazrak's pet. I have the original Khazrak model, but it will be a uneventful day in the Realm of Chaos before I start painting beastmen again! The model is great, lots of detail (although I sculpted a pair of balls for him) even if he seems to have disappeared from the fluff. He will just have to spend his time being a chaos hound champion (even though there is no such thing) or a rather dangerous death world critter. I'm sure that whatever way I reassign man -or indeed, hound- power, Redmaw will enjoy his new role as model murderer.
The beautiful Redmaw

Lovely teef

Finally Super Viper Assassination Squad got two new members for their nefarious schemes, these were I Kore models. The scale is comparable to GWs so no problem there. I actually got them from ebay with some Necromunda models I did want, then I started looking at the new Imperial Guard codex and realised Super Viper Assassination Squad could be hitting the battlefield as veterans with the Grenadier discipline.
Two new members for Super Viper Assassination Squad 

Shotguns & Swords

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