Thursday, 20 February 2014

Slaughter at the field of screams.

The following is Scribes report of a vicious clash between Wood Elves & Ogres received from Heironimous Karsk, third son of Bludfeld Karsk Count of Soutberg.

As I traveled through southern Breton sampling many of the exquisite wines from the region, my companion and excellent guide, Paresseux Du Quorelle informed me that the peasants had spotted a large force of Ogres inside the outlying borders of the Forest of Loren. My guide then suggested we venture to the area to see if there would be any sport watching the secretive fey spirits of the woods repel these unwelcome invaders.
So accompanied by a mere 50 or so of my retainers and servants we sallied forth to search for entertainment. Barely half a days travel saw us on Le Plateau de Merde which I was reliably informed by Paresseux that in the local dialect meant The Hill of Nobility, and therefore an ideal place for us to make camp. It also gave us a fine view of the Ogre camp without getting close enough to smell them. Once an adequate supper was prepared my valet Jardis I retired to the pavilion for cognac & pipeweed.
I was awoken by Jardis informing me that an Elven host had been seen exiting the forest and now seemed intent on repelling the noisesome invaders. The Ogres formed themselves up into a semi orderly array, whilst the  Elven host disciplined ranks clustered around a large wood in the centre dozens of archers with arrows nocked, I also saw strange willowy maidens more akin to trees than elves mustering. A cluster of Fey riders with a wild look about them stood in the centre also. 
The Ogres were not so numerous but were many times louder. Huge hulking brutes, but more fearsome were three enormous Ogres riding even larger beasts (which I later found out were called Mournfangs), to my amazement I also saw an even bigger beast with a massive cannon strapped to it's back! Even larger than the Great Cannons of Nuln. 
While the elves were still arranging their battle lines three huge tusked hounds were released from the ogre lines whilst at the same time another 8 or so Ogres (these ones even more heavily armed the the rest) seemed to appear from the flank causing much consternation among the forest dwellers. A huge booming noise signified the ogre cannon's first shot where it struck a dryad but amazingly failed to harm it! The rest of the ogre force rumbled forward. From the elven lines two previously unnoticed eagles flew to attack. One engaging the flank of the massive cavalry, the other swooped upon a lone warhound type beast (which I later discovered was named a Sabretusk). The elven cavalry also engaged a Sabretusk. From the central woods a beam of shadow struck a unit of ogres, seeming to weaken them without causing any actual damage, barely a split second later flew a storm of arrows into the same unit slaying several of the smelly beasts.
The cavalry wounded the Sabretusk causing it to flee, they gave pursuit but failed to catch the elusive beast, the two eagles fared less fortunately both becoming embroiled in vicious combat. The ogre force then rumbled forward and another sabretusk charged into melee with the giant eagle battling his whelpmate. From the elves rear two misshaped brutes appeared. Then the Ogre cannon issued forth a projectile on the wood elf astride a giant eagle striking him squarely, with a flash of light the terrible energies of the cannonball was nullified. Both riderless eagles were slain by their enemies, blood and feathers crushed into the earth.
Things were looking bleak for the forest dwellers. The wood elf eagle rider (I later found out, only the mightiest of elven heroes ever rode to battle atop great eagles) flew into the flank of an oncoming ogre unit. The elven cavalry spurred their mounts into their enormous ogre counterparts, and two units of elven archers, turned on the spot, each one killing the ogre type creatures threatening their rear. The wood elf hero slew an ogre with ease forcing the entire group to flee, scrambling over a rocky outcrop that the brave elf was unwilling to traverse. Both units of cavalry were locked in bloody combat, though in truth from my vantage point the elves were suffering all the more.
The ogres to the elven flank (who seemed to have been singing the empire marching song 'she was only the fishmongers daughter') charged into the unit of tree spirits, virtually annihilated them and chased the survivors into the nearby woods. The wood elf cavalry were slain to an elf. A hitherto unseen unit of tattooed elves charged out of the woods to give battle to the ogres, slaying two but receiving grievous hurt themselves. The eagle rider flew over the battlefield aligning himself with a band of ogres that seemed to contain an ogre magic user. The battle was reaching it's pivotal point! 
The ogre force it had seemed reached their desired distance from their and charged en masse into the beleaguered elven lines. Two units of elven archers were pulped beyond recognition, as were the tattooed elves. The eaglerider flew to slay the ogre mage in single combat only to see him slink to the back of the unit, the thwarted elf wounded an ogre only to be crushed under an flurry of blows from ogre clubs. The last two remaining units of elves were butchered before nightfall. The singing (or to be more accurate the caterwauling that approximates ogre singing) went on long into the night. I thought it expedient to pack up camp before first light and return to less dangerous, and more civilised surroundings.

On the return journey my captain Siegfeldt Knauser discussed the battle and I informed him that the fragility of the elves were their downfall. Knauser was under the impression that the canny ogre general had lured the elves out by sending the Sabretusks ahead forcing the cavalry and eagles forward, whilst at the same time outflanking with the maneaters and gorgers. This he stated, gave the elves too many threats from too many angles, making their position far too vulnerable. Perhaps I need to find another captain as this one seems to have little grasp of the finer points of battlefield tactics and could prove a liability in my further travels.

  Heironimous Karsk, Junker of Soutberg.

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