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The Slagstas

As I'm getting back into Necromunda, I thought I'd share an old gang that I had an immense amount of fun with. Though not as successful as The Bushwakkers the Slagstas were to me a more fun gang to play. So without further ado here is my gang of Goliaths that sort of terrorized Slag Valley & the surrounding area with wild abandon!

The Slagstas 

Here are the remaining members of the Slagstas. A Goliath gang that reside aound Fornication Gulch, which is in turn near Slag Valley. I had mixed success with them but I enjoyed immensely the carnage they created, so here they are:

Masha-The Slag King II

Masha took over from the first slag king by default, as the previous monarch fell foul of a Van Saar gang called the Psi Judges. Since he took over the fortunes of The Slagstas have gone into a steady decline. Despite this Masha has vowed to own the entire Fornication Gulch area, or at least amass a huge amount of wealth in the process.

Masha - The Slag King II
Skills: Body Slam
Injuries: Head Wound, Bitter Enmity Grrr gang (got this result twice, so he REALLY hates them), Impressive scars, Old battle wound.
Equipment: Flamer, 2x plasma pistols, Knife, Grapnel.
Cost:180 Exp:92


Shootah is Masha's right-hand-man, as the rest have all been killed, but as he is the most experienced member of the gang he actually deserves the position. His abilities make him a suitable hand-to-hand fighter but until some funds are forth coming he'll have to settle for his trusty shotgun.

Skills:True Grit, Weaponsmith.
Injuries: Old Battle Wound.
Equipment: Shotgun,Knife.
Cost:80 Exp:243


Hoppa is quite a competant fighter except that a blown out kneecap makes him rather slow. When he does get into hand-to-hand look out, as he has a habit of hurling people off high buildings and then laughing at the meaty thump sounds. But the laughs are all the louder if the victim is from The House Of Redemption.
Skills:Iron Jaw, Counter Attack, Hurl Opponent.
Injuries: Leg Wound (left), Old Battle Wound, Bitter Enmity (House Cawdor).
Equipment: Shotgun, Hand Flamer, Knife.
Cost:90 Exp: 122


Mukka fancies himself as a bit of a pistoleer, despite the fact there is no evidence to support this. Recently he has been telling everyone that will listen that he should be the leader of The Slagstas and it will only be a matter of time before there is a challenge to Masha's throne.
Skills: None.
Injuries: None.
Equipment: 2xAutopistols.Knife.
Cost: 65 Exp: 152


Ratt is a young Goliath juve who joined the gang looking for excitement recently. So far he has developed a single tactic in hand-to-hand combat, a headbutt. He is still naive enough to beleive that The Slagstas are a awe inspiring gang. He is due to be let down, hard.
Skills: Head Butt.
Injuries: None.
Equipment: Laspistol, Knife.
Cost: 40 Exp: 9

Not-So-Lucky Bogi

Lucky Bogi (as he was named prior to his accident) joined the Slagstas as a juve, with high hopes of wealth and fame but a horrifc fall from a gantry has left him a ruin. Despite his considerable catalog of injuries (including having lost an eye), Bogi is a very good shot. He like nothing better than to limp to a prominent piece of cover with good fields of fire, and then proceed to pick off enemy gang members. Masha is very fond of Bogi and has promised to "sort him out" with bionics if he strikes it rich, but until then Bogi has to take out his frustrations on enemy gangers.

Skills: Hurl Opponent.
Injuries: Blind in Left Eye, 2 Fingers missing from right hand, Arm Wound (right), Leg Wound (left), Chest Wound.
Equipment: Shotgun with Hotshot, Bolt, Manstopper and Flechete ammo. Knife.
Cost: 75 Exp: 91

Flat Nose

A few members of this gang are not armed with weapons appropriate to their skills, Flat Nose is not one of these. Armed with a single autopistol, he is regularly seen racing into combat where opponents soon find out how mean he is. Coupled with the fact he received a severe head wound early in his career means Flat Nose can as often be found tearing lumps out of unsuspecting gangers, as staring around slack jawed and docile.
Skills: Combat Master, Body Slam, Crushing Blow.
Injuries: Head Wound.
Equipment: Autopistol, Knife.
Cost: 85 Exp: 103


Bluey is a recent recruit to the gang and is striving to gain recognition and status. His main role is supporting attacks and sniping at enemy fighters. Bluey has recently discovered he is ambidextrous and is now trying to steal a pair of handguns.
Skills: Gunfighter.
Injuries: None.
Equipment: Autogun, Knife.
Cost: 75 Exp: 38


The Slagstas have a guilder contact (called Bent Beni), two expanse of slag, and the settlement called Slag Valley.


The Slagstas have picked up 3 sentry guns (a lasblaster, flamer and missile launcher), which they use to defend their territories. They have gained a contact who can get them Slaught (Dribbly Bod), and have one dose in their stash. They also have a bottle of wildsnake and 72 credits.

Gang rating

The has gang a rating of 1760.

So there they are, the Slagstas. Great fun to play but now on the wane. Maybe in my next campaign they might see a bit of a revival!

Note; flechete ammo is shotgun ammunition that used the flamer template to hit.
Sentry guns are fixed semi automatic weapons with a 180 degree field of fire that are used for defending installations (or in this case the Slagstas base).

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