Monday, 10 February 2014

Wardancers, more rats and a comatose Dwarf.


So I've finally gotten some figures finished this year so I'll show them off. Firstly here is my Black Tree Design shadow elf. He's an elf in plate armour with an awful fringe. Just another of my started-fifteen-years-or-more-ago. I suppose he might make some sort of elf paladin in WHQ.

Black Tree Shadow Elf

More Rats!

Here are three more conscripts for the 50+ strong unit of Giant Rats for my skaven army. The one on the right is my all time favourite ratty model. I mean, you just can't beat a tiny little rat-centaur! Or is that rattaur? Centat?
Three mutated rats, see how they run!


These are some Gary Morley wood elves, that again have been on the painting table for nigh on 15 years. Not bad sculpts, but some incredibly fiddly detail on the belts and legs. Not to mention the figure on the right is definitely winner of Ludicrous Hairdo Award 2014, I mean, it only stays off the ground by his constant head twirling! I'm sure this particular elf spends an inordinate amount of time picking twigs, leaves & birdshit out of his tousled mane. 
Small-handed Wardancers

These four desperadoes are classic Wardancers from the 80's (I think so anyway). Lovely sculpts. They have all picked up extra weapons at the expense of defeated foes. I like to think of it as typical wood elf recycling. The elf on the left has stolen a sword from a chaos centaur, the elf second from the right has a Witch Elf blade and the tough guy on the far right has managed to defeat a halfling to 'borrow' his sword. looks like there is a minimum toll of at least one sword for any visitor to the forest.
Classic Wardancers
Below are two really, really nice models. Glam the laughing elf from the original Wood Elf Regiment  of Renown, and the Warhammer Quest Wardancer. Both bear blue warpaint (or talismanic tattoos, you pick) and lots of swords. Glam can either be my Wardancer hero or an Alter Noble, but I'm not sure if they will be available in the upcoming army book.
Glam the Laughing Elf & Warhammer Quest Wardancer

Glokni Worseforwear

I finished this dwarf casualty/drunk last night and I found it rather enjoyable. I originally thought he could only be used as a Warhammer Quest encounter, but since I've been perusing many battle reports, blogs and forums, it seems to me that he can just be plonked in a dwarf unit to make the numbers up, as well a provide some comic relief. He is also, to my knowledge the only dwarf in my collection with Pixie boots. It makes me want to pick up a few more inebriated fantasy models, but I'm trying very hard to not buy any more toy soldiers until I at least have another 100 painted. Lead addiction is a terrible affliction, and one that needs to be recognized, alongside flat feet and new romanticism.   
Drunk and/or dead Dwarf

Nice pixie boots
So there you have it, 14 models have turned from the dark side (black undercoat) to the rainbow side. Much to the anger of Sodje politicians I bet.
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