Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Raising of Krablokistan I

Well I've been musing over my Imperial Guard and how to make an interesting regiment and I've come up with the following, Krablokistan finest! The idea came from my ongoing mutant project and a conversion I have made. Basically I cut the head from an old 2nd edition gretchin from the 40K boxed set and replaced it with a metal acolyte of the Light College of magic. This gave me a rather short autogun armed yahoo that is currently undergoing painting.

Then I'm wandering the internet, lonely as a cloud and find these:

Thinking that I can remove the Gretchen heads and replace them with some of these, I can make around 40 guardsmen that will have a uniform look. With a little bit of help from my trusty Dremel I can make an interesting few units for my already swollen imperial guard army. Below is the test model for the project, but I see him as one of these villain type henchmen who is associated with the big boss and due to his small size is rather sadistic. Also due to my inexperience with sculpting has a slightly longer than is normal neck and a raggedy scarf so perhaps he is the survivor of a botched lynching?

Little Nug as I have decided to name him

Also going to be part of a guilder gang in Necromunda!

Another thing I found on the Maxmini website that I have the serious model horn for is this Confession Machine. It look just the sort of Gothic ATM, self dispensing chemist, or Report-A-Heretic device. It's on my list of things I want so if any benevolent reader fancies making me happy just get me one of these!

Or indeed one of these:

This looks like the sort of thing an ever-so powerful underhive crime lord would have, as he avoids capture from the Enforcers or a rival. Looks like my mind has gone off on a terrible Necromundan tangent! 

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